As a century old maison, it's only natural that the elements of Chanel's designs hark back to a storied past; one that tells the tale of its maverick founder, Coco Chanel. Take the iconic matelasseé quilting for example: What has become a classic and part of the brand's legacy began with a spark of ingenuity. Rising from equestrian origins, the pattern was first used on horse saddles for the sake of comfort — only transforming into the emblem of elegance it is today by way of Coco Chanel's individuality.

Riffing off this very bedrock — that is, challenging the orthodox — we've styled the Coco Crush collection on three distinctively unique ladies, taking into consideration how actress Oon Shu An, DJ Rozz and stylist Nicole Wong see jewellery as an extension of their personalities. From edgy and experimental to classic and sophisticated, see how we've taken the Chanel codes and reinterpreted them to match the style identity of three modern women.
Fantasy tweed jacket, J12-XS watch, Coco Crush medium ring in 18K yellow gold
semi pave and Coco Crush small ring in 18K yellow gold, all by Chanel.
On her style and personality: "I like quiet time, and my favourite thing to do is to lie in bed and not do anything! [laughs] When it comes to dressing up, I love something simple, strong and textured. I like contrasts."

On her jewellery: "I prefer statement pieces when it comes to jewellery. With the Coco Crush, it toes the line between dressy and casual, and you get the feeling that you're not trying too hard although you're still done up. Diamonds bring the sparkle but what I love is the way these are designed; the way they're placed seems almost accidental. That's perfect, because it makes a statement without being flashy. There's so much tradition with Chanel but these come with an unexpected twist — I really like that."
Style identity: The classic lady who's fun-loving yet elegant

Pro tip: Keep your jewellery down to a minimum, but pick the ones that pack a punch. Instead of going for the largest rock in the jewellery box, opt for a couple of timeless pieces with character to speak of. The unconventional, scattered diamonds on these Coco Crush rings will bring depth to your personal style.
Wool tweed jacket, stretch jersey belt (worn as top), striped cotton toile trousers, Première mini watch with triple
row steel, black ceramic and diamonds (worn as choker), Coco Crush small ring in 18K white gold, Coco Crush
medium ring in 18K white gold, Coco Crush small ring in 18K white gold, Camélia large ring in onyx
and white gold, and Mini Camélia Sculpté ring in onyx, white agate, diamond and white gold, all by Chanel.
On her style and personality: "I'm really chill and I love monochrome colours and things that are comfortable. That's why I wear a lot of trousers and sneakers as I'm always running around."

On her jewellery:
"I like having my jewellery pop as my clothes are pretty pared-back. It stands out and elevates the outfit. For rings, I really love stacking them — I'm actually quite obssessed with it. If I had to pick my metals, I'd go for silver, without diamonds. Even my engagement ring doesn't have a diamond!"
Style identity: An edgy individual with a strong attitude

Pro tip: Don't just stop at one. Or two, for that matter. But bear in mind that there's a method to the madness. Introduce dynamism and contrast into your accessory arsenal by stacking both upwards, and across the fingers — alternating between vertical sets of twos, threes, and singular rings. The end goal? An assortment of shapes and dimensions that meld seamslessly.
Cotton gabardine and lessage tweed jacket, J12-XS gloves, Coco Crush small ring in 18K yellow gold,
Coco Crush small ring in 18K beige gold, Coco Crush small ring in 18K yellow gold semi pave, Coco Crush
medium ring in 18K yellow gold, and Coco Crush medium ring in 18K beige gold, all by Chanel.
On her style and personality: "I like hanging out by myself a lot and I'm a bit of a loner sometimes. But yet, I'm super adventurous and believe in trying out new things at least once in life. When I'm loud, I can be really, really loud. My dressing is toned down because otherwise, I'll be this really overpowering person. Can you imagine? [laughs] I like strong shapes and detailing."

On her jewellery: "When I wear more than a statement piece, the jewellery has to be concentrated in one area. Like the gloves and rings here — that's really cool, and entirely the focal point. When I accessorise, it's very important for me to have this focal point. I gravitate towards gold or rose gold as they match my skin tone, and I prefer my jewellery to almost be an extension of my skin, rather than something that contrasts."
Style identity: The quirky personality who's not afraid to stand out

Pro tip: Just like knuckle dusters, spread your rings across the fingers on both hands as its striking uniformity is bound to draw attention. Instead of having all rings flush with the knuckles, play around with how they sit to inject stylistic flair.
Photography: Vanessa Caitlin
Fashion Direction: Dora Aljoofri-Shrestha
Styling: Andrea Sim
Hair & Makeup artist: Ira Tedja
Hair stylist for Oon Shu An: Bosco Eng / Hairloom
Nails: Gwynes Tang / 2KG Nails