Buro The Horse

Visits the newly re-opened Hermès store at Liat Towers, Singapore

It was another fine day in Singapore, and Buro the horse decided to go for a stroll
along bustling Orchard Road.

To his surprise, he realised that the 'orange box' — that had covered the Hermès store at Liat Towers for the last year — had been taken down.

In its place was a striking contemporary building with a majestic figure on horseback galloping off the roof.

"It's the firework-maker on his horse," exclaimed Buro. "A replica of the figure on top of 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris, created to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Hermès!"

And with that happy thought, he tucked his sunshine yellow top into his bright blue trousers, and made his way towards the store.

At the entrance to the store, Buro was stopped in his tracks,
captivated by the windows created by Korean-American artist, Jinnie Seo.

"It's so magical how the scarves flow through the circles —
almost like a rabbit jumping out of a top hat."

When Buro arrived at the writing department,
he immediately fell in love with the silk-covered postcards.

"Look at all those colourful prints and patterns," he said in awe.
"I must send one to my good pal, Zouzou the Rhino."

So Buro whipped out a pen and proceeded to update his
French friend about all that's happened in Singapore since they last met.

Buro wandered upstairs and chanced upon Origami Horse and
Rocking Horse having a tête-à-tête.

He couldn't resist but to join them for a cup of tea and a chuckle.

After tea, Buro and his new friends decided to visit Dawn Ng's, 'How to Disappear into a Rainbow' at the Aloft at Hermès art space.

Ever the playful horse, what started as a thoughtful wander through the floating world of colour, quickly turned into a game of hide-and-seek.
"Let's take a photo together," suggested Buro.
"So we can remember all the fun we've had today."

Everyone thought it was a great idea, so they headed to the photo booth next to the exhibition for a happy snap: #HermesLiat

"What a great souvenir," said Buro, bidding adieu to his new mates.
"I will share this on Facebook so we can all keep in touch."
© 2016 All Rights Reserved. Buro 24/7 Singapore.
Illustrator: Aiwei Foo