Adventure awaits:
Travel in style with Gucci's
new accessories for men

Packing light is a breeze, especially if you have Gucci stowed in your carry-on. The idea can't get any simpler — this sponsored guide helps you pick the right bag and brogue. Everything else is baggage

by Jolene Khor
There isn't a single excuse for overweight baggage that we haven't heard of and we're here to stop you before you even begin. Need to have that extra pair of lace-ups in case of a downpour? That's probably untrue. Should you attempt to wedge your leather drawstring bag between your Gucci sweatshirts into your already overstuffed duffel? That would be a no. And don't even try to convince yourself you should bring both the oxford and the brogue.

Yes, your nomadic dexterities may be unparalleled, but if you have ever felt a little lost sartorially on the road (haven't we all?), consider this your roadmap to wardrobe wonderland, whether you're heading to an all-in at the casinos in Las Vegas with the boys or all out of cell service traipsing the corners of Tibet.
For the thrill seeker
When the itinerary has the words "hike" and "bike" in the same paragraph, you're going to need every hand you can spare. No respected traveller would go without a backpack and while everyone has a few in their line-up, few rival Gucci's evolution of the timeless sack, particularly the one from the Neo-Vintage range. It comes in a soft GG Supreme canvas (read: lightweight) with drawstrings underneath the top flap, and side pockets (read: convenient) finished with buckle closures and leather straps. In the spirit of life on the road, decorative souvenir patches display either the addresses of Gucci stores or one of Alessandro Michele's favoured slogans: 'l'aveugle par amour' which means 'blind for love'.
For Vegas
Any winner will tell you that the first step to a full house is not counting cards; it's looking the part. Okay, so there's a chance that's not entirely accurate, but Gucci's Vegas leather loafer is no gamble. Its sexy debut for cruise 2017 continues with a retro-loving reprise, thanks to the sassy patches from Michele's spring/summer rodeo. One features a beaded heart pierced by a sword on the right; on the left, a tiger head with crystals. The other marries a lobster and Donald Duck. Romantic.
For the epic road trip
Let's get one thing out of the way. This duffel, while capacious, is not going to hold all your souvenirs, on top of your T-shirts, Bermuda shorts and a basketball… but it gets dangerously close. We suggest travelling light in weight but heavy in flair. Major distinctive design details here: An oval leather label featuring a skull motif, a contemporary memento mori to remind you to enjoy life's journey. For the sartorially shy, different coloured handles — we say yes to striking yellow — is a gateway to elaborate personalisation in the future. For the brave hearts, go for the GG Supreme model. It features leather trimmings in brown, red and green, with the House Web stripe on full vertical display. Gorgeous, but the star is the 'Gucci Garden' motifs done in needlepoint embroidery, like this badass coral snake.
For the retail retreat
You're going to be on your feet for hours a day as you stomp down the streets of Milan (and be honest, the tiles at Gucci too), so be good to them. There's a reason why the Queercore shoes permeated the already crowded wardrobe of the fashion tribe just as swiftly for the women as it did the men. The elaborate hardware is characteristically gothic, but the charming Mary Jane's idiosyncrasies feel timelier than ever. The cut-out upper and Dionysus buckle take the tried-and-tested brogue shape from boring to bombastic, but it's the new patent finish and the bootie, seen above, that got our eyes all glossy.
Gucci spring/summer 2017 is available in stores. This story is sponsored by Gucci.