All the Gucci accessories we
love and how to wear them

From the new Sylvie bags to the now iconic GG Marmont and much-adored Elaisa pumps, in collaboration with Gucci, we take a closer look at how it's the little things that make the grandest statements

by Jolene Khor
Try as we might, we were unable to track down the origin of the term, "Gucci Girl". It's been widely used within the industry to describe Alessandro Michele's wildly spirited and fashionably unhinged babe of the century. Apt as it is, frankly, it's not a moniker we're particularly keen on. As far as we are concerned, the Gucci Girl is hardly a girl; make no mistake, she is a goddess.

Take the spring/summer 2017 collection for instance. Who else but a fashion deity could pull off the phantasmagoric combination of a heavily embroidered Elizabethan chemise, laser cut skirt and oriental platform flats on the regular? And what about that blouson with giant Chinese button knots and even larger crystal danglers? Positively magical.
Our love for all things Gucci is eternal but let's get real for a minute. Look after look of geek chic can be a tad consuming for some of us. Sure, polka dots and pyjama separates have a solid bounce rate in anyone's wardrobe (ours are on a weekly rotation), but Gucci's real superstars, the gems, are much smaller in scale.

Direct your eyes to this season's hottest shoes and bags. The decorative treatments that have become synonymous with the house are all present and accounted for, both with new models and reimagined classics. The mix of motifs, materials and graphics is ever eclectic.

See: Gucci's Broche bag. It has Swarovski crystals or pearls for eyes and wears a shiny fox head top and centre; the top handle version complete with the bamboo handle referencing a historical feature for the house. It's not a Gucci piece without a play of contrasts — Broche's anchoring lobsters and helm French wire embroidered patches cement its cult status.
From top to bottom: GG Marmont bag, Broche bag, Sylvie bag
Speaking of cult sensations, the GG Marmont, which needs no introduction, has been reincarnated into a large briefcase (handy!) with quilted leather with trompe l'oeil and a medium-sized shoulder bag in stunning quilted jacquard brocade.

Also, back with a bang is the Sylvie top handle. The new range comes in a surprise jacquard brocade in
acid hues with a rainbow of flora. Our favourite? Her mini cousin in smooth white leather and an adorable torchon shoulder strap in red, blue and white.
Elaisa heels
Southward, Gucci's Elaisa takes reign. This is a far cry from your basic leather pump. Her bow ornament is detachable, giving its wearer the versatility of both day and night looks. Available in two heel heights, the collection features a black leather version with a white pearl bow and a white leather version with a fume crystal bow. Elaisa is to royalty what Vegas is to rock stars. Trust the latter footwear to live up to its name. The Elton-esque embellished heel and sky-high platforms are the next step in the evolution of the moccasins which first made its appearance in cruise 2017.
To the uninitiated, welding Gucci's spring/summer 2017 hits into your everyday fashion smorgasbord can be like pulling a cat out of a hat. For us mere mortals, turn to street style gurus that are Gia Coppola, Tavi Gevinson and Petra Collins for guidance.
Gucci spring/summer 2017 is available in stores. This story is sponsored by Gucci.