A Gucci bag a day to get you through the week
When life gives you lemons, you ask if it's embroidered on a Gucci bag. Should the answer be no, carry any one (or two... or all seven) of these instead to help you cruise through Monday to Sunday when the going gets tough
Tired? Take a nap. Coming down with a cold? Head to the clinic. Remedies to everyday ailments are a dime a dozen. However, when it's your wardrobe suffering from so-last-season-itis, the cure is hardly pedestrian. Depending on the severity of the affliction, side effects can bleed into the quality of your dailies if left untreated. We're no doctors, but it doesn't take a health expert to attribute chronic Monday blues to a lacklustre outfit, nor is an MRI by a certified practitioner required to diagnose a case of sloppy Sunday. The cure? Gucci. Bags. Cruise 2018. They don't call it retail therapy for nothing.
Monday: Take no prisoners
Some throwback monogram and a splash of gold on the Osiride small GG top handle bag is what you need to set the pace of the week. If they miss your death stare through your take-me-seriously glasses on your way into the office, the red Swarovski eyes of the enameled feline head resting on the bag's archival metal lock closure sends the message loud and clear. And with those studded fingerless gloves on, you bet nobody is going to mess with you today.
Tuesday: Chill pill
You know what they say: When a man is high-handed, he's being a boss; when a woman is high-handed, she's being bossy. We're all for fighting that sexism in the boardroom. The only place we would tell a woman to take it down a notch, is in the walk-in closet — starting with an introduction to this teal Dionysus GG velvet small shoulder bag. Calming in hue and soft to touch yet unapologetic in shape, this updated classic vibes just right.
Wednesday: On Wednesdays, we wear pink
What the Mean Girls (the movie, not the bullies) command, team Buro mandates by way of the Dionysus small shoulder bag with pearl-effect slogan appliqué and grosgrain floral bouquets. Also, though 'fetch' may never happen, 'Guccify' will. The end.
Thursday: We're (more than) halfway there
You survived the hell that is hump day, so it's no reason to slack off now, not when you have the reincarnated iconic Dionysus to soothe the exhaustion away — the GG Supreme canvas bucket bag. We hate to reward a fashion tantrum, but those of you who claim to be too cool for canvas (sacrilege!) can swap it for emerald or hibiscus red suede. Just don't crawl home crying when you spill your flat white on it, yeah?
Friday: Roll out the red carpet
Waltz out of nine to five into the TGIF spirit with your sidekick in one arm and the new GucciTotem in another. The maison's retro inlayed web stripe is not the only flashback on this Friday — the yellow enamelled butterfly clasp looks to be fashioned after our granny's prized hair comb. And that '80s green leather ensemble with Grecian gold crown and disco cuffs... a single outfit housing centuries' worth of fashion, if ever there was one. On that note, can we just say how excited we are to be buying rounds of drinks knowing that the Gucci sport shoulder strap — totally reminiscing of the lurex headbands of yesteryear — will be keeping this gem of a bag safe by our side?
Saturday: All dressed up
We get it. If it were up to us, we'd spend the entire weekend like this too — horizontal, bathed in roses and Gucci's floral printed shirt and skirt with crystal embroideries, cosying up to the GG Marmont velvet shoulder bag in hot pink, completely and utterly blinded by love. Having said that, this outfit is too beautiful to be hidden away from flashlights. And because 'pics or it didn't happen', this means we'll have to get pretty, go out, have fun and chronicle it all for social media. It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.
Sunday: And just like that...
The weekend is over. Done. Finito. And there's no better time to embrace the dragon embroidery on Sunday, as it is sure to reflect your fire-spewing mood at the cusp of the imminent work week. The Ophidia bags , which debuted in the cruise 2018 catwalk at Pitti Palace, is a good place to start. Aside from the multicolour thread dragon motif set against deep blue suede (oh dear, dear melancholy), the newbie, seen here in the dome shape, is also available as a rectangular shoulder bag across all fabric variants. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.
Text: Jolene Khor