Take a peek into the weekly routine of food writer and TV host Victoria Cheng, as she reveals how Clarins Double Serum and a healthy, balanced lifestyle help maintain her flawless complexion
I always begin my day with a good skincare routine. After cleansing and toning, I use a serum before applying a moisturiser and sunscreen. Clarins' newly reformulated Double Serum is a global, age control concentrate that stimulates the five vital functions of the skin. It works on several things at once, smoothing wrinkles, diminishing the appearance of pores and restoring radiance and evenness to your complexion.
  • Warm and mix the Double Serum.

  • Press from the centre of your face, outwards and down to your neck and décolleté.
When using Clarins Double Serum, be sure to follow the proper application method for best results.
Step 1
  • Gently press on the sides of your nose, cupping your fingers over this area of the face.

  • Move on to the chin. Continue to press the serum into the skin.
Step 2
Step 3
  • Move on to the sides of the neck. Begin on one side, cupping your fingers and palms around your neck before moving slightly downwards.

  • Finish up by repeating on the other side of the neck.
One of the key design features of the Double Serum is the dial pump that lets you customise your dosage between a small or big drop. Choose the small drop if you have oily or combination skin, or are in a warm and humid climate like Singapore. Go for the larger drop if you have dry skin, or are perhaps travelling to a winter climate.
Victoria's tip:
"For the morning I would use the small drop, but at night I definitely prefer more hydration on my skin, so I would be more generous and go for the bigger drop."
As a food writer and content creator, I often meet up with clients to discuss projects. While I am exposed to a variety of foods and cooking styles as part of my job, I do opt for healthy options when I can, feeding my skin with essential vitamins and nutrients.

Similarly, Clarins Double Serum contains 21 plant ingredients. Besides the key ingredient, turmeric, that protects the cells' 'listening' system, you'll find other powerful, effective and natural ingredients like organic green banana, avocado, goji berry, kiwi and mango that work synergistically on the skin.

Victoria's tip: "As a food writer, I do indulge in rich meals more than the average person, but it's important to me to also eat clean at least twice a week. I crave foods like vegetables, fruits and fresh juices, but I also think it's equally important to feed your skin with vitamins and nutrients when it comes to skincare."
There are lots of ways to use your Double Serum, but the smooth texture means that it blends easily with my makeup and other skincare products whenever I want an extra boost of hydration and radiance on my complexion. It's almost like a primer that you add into your foundation.
Victoria's tip:
"If you want to add extra glow to your skin, mix a drop of the Double Serum with your foundation, blend together and apply on your face."
Exercise is a big part of my lifestyle and one of my preferred modes of exercise is running — I recently completed my first half-marathon in Sydney. Other sports that I take part in include boxing — which I teach several times a week. Similarly, one of the five, key actions of the Double Serum, is the oxygenation of skin cells, ensuring that your skin stays healthy and functions optimally.

Victoria's tip: "One of the keys to good skin is also regular exercise, as it really helps to oxygenate your skin cells and
promote circulation and that healthy glow."
As a food writer and content producer, I'm always on-the-go, so I have to make sure I bring all my skincare essentials including a good serum, sunscreen and sunglasses, as well as the things I need for work, like my camera. Double Serum is great for jetsetters, as the dose can be customised according to your skin type or climate.
Victoria's tip: "When I'm packing for a trip I need to have my skincare essentials. With the Double Serum I don't need to pack more than one serum. I also pack a notebook for jotting down my ideas, a good lip oil and a pair of flats that can take me anywhere."
Nights are the best time to replenish the skin and allow it to repair itself from the stressors of the day. And when I'm relaxing in my room at night, I catch up on some reading, a movie or two, and really focus on my skincare routine. Before bed, I carefully cleanse the skin to remove all traces of makeup, as well as unwanted pollutants after a long day of travelling. After I've cleansed, I apply a serum and a richer moisturiser, light a soothing candle, and just kick back.
Victoria's tip: "At night I really like to indulge when it comes to my skincare routine. I take the time to use a mask on my face and sit back and relax. It's the perfect opportunity for me time."
Victoria's night routine
Beauty Direction: Renée Batchelor
Photography: Vanessa Caitlin
Hair & Makeup: Ira Tedja using Clarins
Special thanks to: Gessi Singapore, SPRMRKT Kitchen & Bar and Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre