24 hours
Amanda Seyfried in Singapore
The Buro team gets an exclusive, behind-the-scenes peek into the life of a movie
star as we follow Hollywood actress Amanda Seyfried — here for the opening of
Clé de Peau Beauté's first ever flagship boutique — around our island
Amanda Seyfried has never been to Singapore before. But she has a pretty good idea of what she wants to eat, see and do in our tiny island — some of the things suggested by her husband, actor Thomas Sadoski, who was first here when he performed in a stage production of The Tempest.

By the time we meet her at the start of her first day here, the adventurous Amanda has already been on foot to the Buddha Tooth Relic temple and managed to grab her favourite Starbucks before uber-ing back to her hotel — all before nine o'clock. The other must-sees on her list are slightly unexpected. A nature lover who owns a farm back in the States, she wants to catch the monkeys at Lower Peirce Reservoir and see the Botanic Gardens, if she has the time. And, rather surprisingly, Amanda is keen to try quite a spread of Singapore fare including kaya, laksa and chilli crab — we later find out she can handle spicy food. Read on to see what else she did in her short time here.

Clé de Peau Beauté Le Sérum and makeup products
Amanda, the brand muse of Clé de Peau Beauté, is a big fan of Le Sérum."I like Le Sérum because it kind of gives you that glow and really sets in your skin and makes sure that your skin is really moisturised. Before I travel or do anything I use the serum."

For her makeup, it's obvious that Amanda is a fan of the less-is-more school. "The Concealer stick is really important right now. My skin is pretty great as I just had a baby, and the hormones are really working for me. But I need the Concealer to cover up any spots because my skin is so translucent. I dye my eyelashes now, so I don't have to use mascara all the time. I'm less about eye makeup and more on lips. It adds vibrancy to your face with no effort."
"I think no matter what shape your eyes are, if you do a little contour with a good beige — close to your skin tone but with a bit of brown in it — it really accentuates your eyes. Never go too heavy with your eyeliner. And eyeliner inside of the bottom eyelid always adds a sparkle to your eyes. That's my trick."
With Amanda's manager, Maury DiMauro, and getting ready in her suite
To give Amanda a more authentic slice of Singapore, Buro brings her to the Joo Chiat neighbourhood to visit Choo Yilin Atelier, a local jewellery boutique modelled after a traditional Chinese teahouse. Drawn to the jade and gems on display, Amanda is also a fan of the locally-loved snacks like iced gems as well as the smaller, less sanitised streets.
"I prefer this kind of closed, small street. It reminds me of a cobblestone street where the real people live. It's some place where I'm sure I wouldn't have gone, if I were a tourist."
What does Amanda find most surprising about Singapore? Click below to find out:
Next, we bring Amanda for lunch at National Kitchen by Violet Oon where she samples some local delights like ayam buah keluak and chicken satay. From first nibble, it's clear that she's not averse to spices and unique tastes. "The satay is so good. The sauce is a perfect fusion and I loved the rice cakes. It's a perfect meal by itself. I'm having a hard time not eating the rest of it. The buah keluak was great. At first, I expected not to like it as you said it was an acquired taste, but looking at it now, I totally would have had another one — I like the texture."
Before she heads off to grace the opening of Clé de Peau Beauté's first ever flagship store in Mandarin Gallery, Amanda has time for some quick drinks at Lantern on the rooftop of the Fullerton Bay Hotel with her husband, Thomas. Reflecting on her first day here she says, "We got to see a little bit of the city. I like to be on foot and feel the energy. Just start walking in any direction. Also recommendations from locals is the best way to explore a city."
"It's incredibly green and an amazing city. I really fell in love with Singapore the second I woke up this morning. It's a very different place, as I've never been this far south in my life. And the people are lovely and welcoming. I could see myself living here and I never expected that."

In full movie star mode and dressed in a stunning, sapphire blue gown, Amanda is inundated by requests for photographs and even autographs, but graciously complies. Guests include local celebrities, loyal Clé de Peau Beauté fans and members of the media who are all excited to catch a glimpse of both Amanda and the new store, that's designed to look like a jewel box on the inside. After saying a few words about her time in Singapore, and officially opening the new store, Amanda finally slips out for a private dinner.

It's been a long day, since the actress has been up since the crack of dawn. But with a full day of interviews and a gala dinner awaiting her, it's going to be another intense 24 hours.
Photography: Vanessa Caitlin
Text: Renée Batchelor
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