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Iman Fandi and Yumika Hoskin Superstart their day with Elizabeth Arden
Want fabulously clear and fresh skin? Find out how the probiotics in Elizabeth Arden's Superstart range can help balance and boost your complexion as we follow the post-exercise skincare routine of Iman Fandi and Yumika Hoskin
Elizabeth Arden's Superstart range contains a probiotics complex that nourishes and smoothes the skin, while protecting it. Just like probiotics are good for your gut health, this complex kickstarts your skin's natural defences, so that subsequent products can penetrate even better. The first product in the range was the Skin Renewal Booster.
Now the brand is branching out with two new products in the Superstart range. First up is the amazing Probiotic Cleanser. In a unique whip to clay formula, this is applied like a clay mask on dry skin and left on for a minute, so the goodness of probiotics can really penetrate into the skin. To remove, simply add warm water and massage into the skin in a circular motion, before rinsing off.
To give skin a thorough cleanse, there's a combination of pink and green clays that act like magnets, unclogging pores and drawing away impurities without drying out the skin. And
there's also glycerin in the formula to add moisture to skin. Perfect for a post-exercise deep
And if you're looking for a quick and easy skin treat, you can't get any quicker and easier than the Superstart Probiotic Boost Skin Renewal Biocellulose Mask. Made from natural coconut water, this special, ultra-thin material fits like a second skin on the facial contours — you can even dance in it or sip a cup of tea. Leave this on for ten minutes and then massage the excess product into skin. Besides giving skin an intense dose of hydration, you'll also attain a radiant and healthy looking complexion, almost like you've exercised, even if you haven't. The mask features a double dose of the brand's probiotic complex, plus sea fennel extract for true luminosity. Having a clean, healthy and glowing skin is an easy, two-step routine away.
cleanse or after a long day out in the Singapore sun, watch how Iman
Fandi and Yumika Hoskin incorporate this cleanser into their routines.
Elizabeth Arden Superstart
Probiotic Cleanser
Elizabeth Arden Superstart
Probiotic Boost Skin Renewal Biocellulose Mask
Elizabeth Arden Superstart
Skin Renewal Booster
From $48-$85. Available now at Elizabeth Arden counters and store.

Beauty Editor: Renée Batchelor
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Hair Stylist: Christian Maranion / 27a
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