Special feature

Lightness. Freedom. Self-expression. The defining characteristics of the new Swatch Skin empowers its wearer to take control.
Be inspired by how these Singaporeans have heeded the call to action to transform their lives by daring to pursue their dreams.



"No one is going to care if you are doing something you like or if you are just plain miserable. I've always been a massive doodler since young, so I decided to take control of my life and pursue my love for illustration. It took a lot of practice and exposing myself to artists and their works, that has led me to where I am now."


Café owner

"I've always liked checking out cafes and chilling over coffee with friends, but I wouldn't say that I was "always passionate" about food. The Tiramisu Hero café happened by chance. I saw an opportunity and I grabbed it. My business partner Aileen and I were also very proactive in finding innovative ways to grow the business, and I think it was our resilience — plus a bit of luck and creativity — that took our little business to the next level. I cannot emphasise how important it is to take charge of your own life. There will inevitably be disappointments and failures, which is hard especially when you’ve tried your best, but at least you'll live with no regrets."


Miss Universe Singapore

"During my late teen years, I made a promise to myself that I would be more of a risk taker, to be more adventurous, and experiment more with life. I wanted to break away from the norm of just following a schedule, and joining Miss Universe Singapore allowed me to do just that. My dream is to see the world and fulfil my potential, so I work hard every day to turn that into reality. Only you can achieve your dreams."


TV presenter

"After I finished my post-graduate degree, I decided that if I wanted to pursue my dream, I needed to get my face out of books and in front of a camera. I packed my bags and travelled around Asia for a couple of years — modeling, acting, hosting — doing whatever I could to start building up some experience in front of a camera. I was fortunate that things started to pick up after and eventually I found myself in the position I’m in now. Ultimately, if you chase your dreams hard enough, it will pay off."