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Some trends, like mini sunglasses, rattan bags, and excessively distressed jeans, aren’t here for the long haul. The pleated skirt however, has proven to be a mainstay season after season. Rarely is an item so ubiquitous as the plissé, with a shelf life similar to that of an instant noodles. Translation: it ain’t going anywhere, folks. So gear up. For tips on how to style them into the last quarter of 2019, see above. For new options to refresh your rotation, see below.

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Pleated Twill Midi Skirt
Pleated Printed Silk-voile Midi Skirt
Women Pleated Long Skirt (High Waisted)
Pleated satin midi skirt
Ilsie Asymmetric Pleated Wool-blend Midi Skirt
Midi Skirt
Pleated Midi Skirt
Pleated Midi Skirt
Jasmine Pleated A-line Midi Skirt