Stylish hair accessories that will give your WFH style a perk-me-up

For many of us, style might be the first thing to go now that we no longer have a reason to leave the house. Some of us might have even stopped washing our hair as frequently. But taking the time to do your hair doesn’t have to require four different styling products and 20 minutes with the curling tongs. If you’ve been too lazy to try anything fancy, a stylish hair accessory is all you need. From OTT embellished headbands to pretty scrunchies, here are some stylish options that will keep your hair looking in tip-top shape.

12 Results
Shell & Pearl Hair Pin Set
Ria Barette
Seeing Stars Bobbi Set
Willow Clips
Henley Pony Wrap
Oversized Organza Scrunchie
Scarf-detail Scunchie
Silk ribbon And Hair Tie Set
Uma Headband
Glossy Ballchain Wide Headband
Beaded Gingham Cotton Headband
Pearl-embellished Velvet Headband