Where to buy removable decals and wallpapers: Low-commitment home upgrades for renters and the easily-bored

Are you bored with the same four walls, now that you’re spending more time at home? Are you also a commitment-phobe and/or living in a rental? If you find yourself nodding, we have just the thing for you to spruce up your crib in this time of self-isolation: removable and temporary wallpapers. We’re pretty sure it’ll help lift your spirits in these trying times.

9 Results
Glasshouse Mustard Wallpaper
Courtside Market Contour Art Elements Sunflowers Wall Decal
Drop It Modern Femme© Removable Wallpaper
Anthropologie Meze Wallpaper
Running Zebra Pattern Wallpaper
Raindrops (Blue/Gray) Tiles
Misty Marble – Pink
Plaid Plaid Removable Wallpaper – Lavender
Multi Azulejos Kitchen Tile Decal