Best hairsprays to keep your mane in place

If there’s anything remotely unrealistic about ‘80s pop-culture phenomenon, Stranger Things, it’s that Steve “The Hair” Harrington maintains soft, tousled locks despite the amount of Farrah Fawcett spray he puts in it. Things would be different if this was done in today’s context, however. Technology has enabled a slew of humidity-fighting, non-crunchy, and volumising sprays to hit the market, changing the game as we know it. Have we piqued your interest quite yet? Here’s a rundown of our hair heroes, below.

12 Results
Superfine Hairspray
Ghost Hairspray
Flex Hairspray
Style Lock Hairspray
Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray
Power Spray
Hair Spray Light & Flexible
Money Maker Flexible Hold Hair Spray
Texturizing Hair Spray
Outer Space Flexible Hair Spray
1-800-Hold-Me- No Crunch Flexible Hair Spray
Luminous Hairspray Medium