Best detangling brushes and combs for knotted, brittle hair

With all the masks, oils, and TLC we bestow upon our locks, you’d think they’ll do us a solid and acquiesce to our numerous whims and wants. That is, to hold the styles we’ve (painstakingly) crafted; appear healthy despite all the chemical processing we’ve inflicted upon our tresses; and to be a smooth, sleek waterfall every time we run our fingers through it. Are we asking too much? Perhaps, though the latter is not impossible to achieve with the help of the latest detangling brushes. Designed to tackle knots, snarls, and clumps with ease, these babies are the first step in getting the full, shiny mane of dreams. Shop our curation of the best of the lot, below.

12 Results
Boar Bristle Detangling Hairbrush
Detangler Hair Brush
Detangling Spa Brush
Vented Paddle Brush
Wooden Paddle Brush
Detanging Brush
HD Detangling Hair Brush
Fine & Fragile Wet Detangler
Olive Wood Handbag Size Anti Static Hair Brush
Dream Smooth Professional Paddle Hair Brush
Go Green Detangler
Detangling Hair Brush