Best beauty sponges for 2020: Picks from Fenty Beauty, Tarte, and more

If you've been reading our articles, you would know that we've covered a whole catalog of beauty products, from BB creams for all skin types to cruelty-free nail polishes. However, we should never forget about our tools – the simple and often overlooked beauty sponge. In order to apply most kinds of foundation or setting powders, the beauty sponge would be the first thing you'd grab on your makeup table. That being said, not all sponges are created equal. Here's the lowdown on the top beauty sponges.

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6 Wave Sponge with French Red Clay
Reverse the signs of ageing with Konjac's new sponge. A generous scoop of French Red Clay is added for care of dry and mature skin types. Red clay cleans out the skin from the layers of dead keratinized cells and it accelerates the regeneration process. It is said to improve blood circulation and makes the skin look radiant, and hydrated, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and broken capillaries.So perfect for drier or mature skin that needs rejuvenating.  
Marble Multi-Blender (Pear Shaped)
Dear Dahlia's unique 3D, 13-faceted multi-blender is specially designed to work with multiple products on different areas of your face. The perfectly soft yet dense latex-free sponge blends effortlessly against the skin to create your most desired look.
Matte Velvet Skin Blurring Powder Foundation Sponge
A foundation sponge that allows you to apply your powder foundations perfectly for tailor-made results. This sponge allows you to build your coverage. Get a tailor-made result with this small rectangular-shaped tool designed to pick up just the right amount of product.
Quickie Blending Sponge
The flat end seamlessly blends moisture-rich formulas like the shape tape contour concealer onto the face and under the eye without creasing into fine lines, and the precision tip targets and masks acne and dark spots while blending into hard-to-reach areas like around the nose. You can also use it to blend out your contour and highlight by tapping the tapered end along the angles of the face to mimic shadow and light reflection.
Ambient Strobe Light Sculptor
Designed to be used with the Ambient® Strobe Lighting Powders, the dual-ended sculptor features an angled side to fit perfectly on the high points of the face, and a velvety-soft flocked side to soften and blend for the most natural and smooth finish.  
Pentagon Sponge
This strategically shaped sponge is created for precise application of details, and in reaching contoured areas of the face. Apply moisturisers and a variety of foundations with this tool for an impeccable finish.
Wander Cushion
This multi-tasking makeup applicator works with liquid, cream and powder products. The flat side can be used on larger patches of the face and body, while the detail-oriented pointed tip is perfect for areas requiring closer attention. The outcome is streak-free, perfectly-applied makeup with no hassle and minimal effort from you.
Precision Makeup Sponge 100
Play all your best angles with this plush makeup sponge designed for triple-threat precision. The slanted edge gives you complete control when stippling, the mini-moon edge is perfect for targeted coverage (like under the eyes), and the rounded end is just right for seamless, all-over buffing. No matter the formula—liquid, cream, or powder—the Precision Makeup Sponge by Fenty Beauty puts fast and easy customisable coverage in your hands.  
Charcoal Makeup Sponge
It helps to create an even complexion with a natural, blended effect. Infused with charcoal, known for its purifying action, it can be used to cover large areas of the face as well as apply makeup to hard-to-reach areas. Very dense, it becomes lighter when you wet it and allows you to vary your makeup.
3DHD Blender
Take blending to the edge with a perfected design that is built to last. This blender reaches every contour of the face with ease. Prime, conceal, sculpt and highlight with liquids, creams and powders for truly high-definition skin. Use the edges, flat surfaces and points to ensure seamless, all-over coverage.
Miracle Complexion Sponge
A 3-in-1 multi-functional makeup sponge designed with a revolutionary foam technology to evenly blend makeup for a smooth, enhanced finish. The rounded sides blend large areas of the face with a dabbing motion while the precision tip covers blemishes and imperfections. The flat edge is ideal for contouring around the eyes and nose.  
Electric Violet Swirl Sponge
The aqua-activated™ sponge grows to about twice its size and absorbs minimal product so your favourite formula lands on your complexion, not your sponge. When wet, the super soft material provides an even, smooth blend & bounce.