What kind of Singaporean are you?

The next NMP or the reluctant influencer?

Lets face it: Nobody likes to be pigeonholed. But that’s what makes Chinese zodiac and Greek astrology so fun — sometimes, you do need a bit of good-natured guidance. But because we’re so Singaporean, we’re doing away with horoscopes and highlighting our love ’em or hate ’em local personalities instead. Take our quiz to find your Singapore spirit animal and, in turn, what 2017 has in store for you.

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What is your favourite hawker food?


Whether it's Indian or Chinese, a plate of rojak's just like you — mixed, unpredictable and multi-textured

Hainanese chicken rice

It's touted as Singapore's national dish, after all

Nasi Lemak that costs $12.80

It's all about that hand-pressed coconut extract, people — you just don't get it

Whatever your group's having

It's just easier to dabao other people's orders if it's from the same stall

Roti prata kosong

It's pretty hard to get this wrong, right?

It's finally the weekend. What do you do?

Attend a migrant worker poetry competition at Artistry

Don't you know their struggle is pretty much real?

Volunteer at your local RC's event

There's no better way to make connections within the hood

I'm contracted to attend a few launches tonight

#sponsoredpost, #IGstories, #lifeinsin

Cafe-hopping with my girls

Yay, another gentrified address to explore

Netflix, chill and probably catch up on Facebook wars

There's simply nothing we can't not comment on

What's your Instagram account populated with?

Travel shots, selfies with artists and snippets of what I'm currently reading

Because nobody understands me better than Rumi

Quotes from Barack Obama, the occasional Putin rant and a LHL regram

It's the best point of contact at the grassroots level

Food porn, duh? Selfies, ootds and public pow-wows

#notasponsoredpost, I swear

Friends and family

Home is where the IG geotag is

Screenshots of comments and memes

Too many people to make my point across, too little time

How do you respond to a Facebook post that you disagree with?

Tag your friends and share your outrage

Everyone needs to know about it, and I mean everyone

Reply like you're writing a GP Essay

Fastest fingers first!

Repost and insert an unfavourable emoji

You have to be careful of what you say when everyone's keeping tabs

Scroll down

Whatever it is, everyone's entitled to his or her own opinion, right?

Tag, repost, screenshot, comment — the works

The keyboard will be mightier than the sword

You hate your job. What do you do?

Don't love it? Don't do it

Life's too short, guys

Schedule a meeting with your higher-ups for a long overdue appraisal

I'll make three copies of my stats, contributions and number of sick days

Quit and be a content creator

Wait, I'm already one

Buy a motivational poster

It's the little things that'll help to ease the day

Go straight to M.O.M

Complain kings and queens, unite!

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