Quiz: Which Les Eaux de Chanel fragrance are you?

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Different moods and occasions call for scents that suit them — as do locations. Whether you are travelling to a vibrant, bustlin’ beach town or the cobblestoned streets of France, each destination is sure to evoke emotions and feelings within that are best expressed with a fragrance, from soothing scents that capture the relaxation of a spiritual journey to lively aromas that encapsulate thrill-seeking escapades. To narrow them down, take our quiz to find out which Le Eaux de Chanel fragrance is best suited for your jet-set style and destination.


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What kind of a traveler are you?

Pack and go

Because spontaneity is the spice of life, right?

Planned to a T

Leaving it to chance is a one-way ticket to less-than-pleasant experiences you’d rather avoid, thank you.

The road less travelled

You dance to the beat of your own drum and would rather forge your own path outside of recommendations on travel sites.

Social media fiend

Did you really live it if you didn’t put it on your Instagram?

What travel essential can’t you live without?


Everyone might think you’ve met an unfortunate end, otherwise.

Comfortable sneakers

Pinched toes are unhappy toes.

A friend or a loved one

Being left to your own thoughts is just plain boring.

Vintage Polaroid camera

To commemorate every glorious moment along the way — in style, of course.

Where are you eating?

Michelin starred restaurants

Only the best for you.

Chic cafés

Can't compromise on coffees and cakes, hunney.

Local joints

Humble food is real food.

Pretty bistros

If it doesn't photograph well, is it even worth the calories?

How do you decide where to go?

Recommendations from friends and family

They know what you like.

Whatever is popping up on your Instagram feed

If it’s buzz-worthy, it’s probably something you'd want to check out.

Through careful research

The Internet is your best friend.

Flip a coin

The more unexpected, the better.

What do you wear?

Practical and weather-friendly clothing

You can’t lose if you dress for comfort and utility.

What Buro. tells me to wear

Holidays are not the time to look drab.

Low-key, versatile pieces

Understated is always in vogue.

Classic picks

If it ain't broke...

Your result

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