New gyms and fitness studios in Singapore

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If there’s something the pandemic has sparked in some of us, it has to be a peaked interest for anything fitness-related. While app workouts and home gym equipment have been immensely helpful in keeping us in shape, there’s nothing quite like hitting the gym for a satisfying workout. If you’ve been looking to switch up your fitness ritual, a number of new fitness studios have been popping up around the island as the pandemic becomes gradually controlled. For those worried about safety protocols, gyms and fitness studios have implemented strict measures to help curb the spread of the pandemic. Of course, you should also exercise caution and do your part in maintaining social responsibility at the gym. Can’t wait to get back to the grind? Grab your best fitness mask and explore these new haunts, below.

Trapeze Rec. Club

Just like us, gyms are constantly evolving – Trapeze Rec. Club focuses on holistic wellbeing as well as fitness. Housed in an art-deco shophouse located in Tanjong Pagar, the club features a fully-equipped gym, a yoga studio, a recreational room for some peace and quiet, a thermal suite with a sauna and cold pool, a foot reflexology area, and a café to fix you up before or after a hard workout. This is what we call a all-rounder.

Check Trapeze Rec. Club here
27 Tanjong Pagar Rd
Opening hours: (Mon-Fri) 7am-7pm, (Sat-Sun) 9am-3pm


While exercising and building strength are important, we often forget about working out our most important muscle – the brain. Sparkd is a brain and fitness hub where adults and children are welcome to participate in both physical and cognitive activities such as HIIT and technological activities that stimulate your senses, enhance your hand-eye coordination and your reaction time. If you are a working parent, bring your kids along and sign them up for classes, which cater specifically to children.

Check out Sparkd here
46 Kim Yam Road The Herencia Unit 04-23 & 24
Opening hours: (Mon & Thurs)  8am-8pm, (Tues, Wed & Fri) 9am-8pm, (Sat) 8am-12pm,

Sugar Boxing Singapore

The fitness scene in Singapore is filled with rhythmic cycling and we have all had our fill of it. May we suggest sugar boxing? With two locations at Cineleisure and Joo Chiat Road, sugar boxing is the upperbody workout form of spinning – bright lights, blood-pumping music, and a trainer who pushes you to smash the jawbreaker-designed punching bags and break a sweat. Toned arms, here we come.

Check out Sugar Boxing Singapore here
368 Joo Chiat Rd
8 Grange Road, #03-04/03-06

Warrior Studios

After a tumultuous year moving from one location to the next, Warrior Studios has found its home in a quaint shophouse along Lorong Telok that comes equipped with all the amenities needed for a good yoga session. The Balinese-inspired décor will have you feeling zen while moving into every pose, no matter how hard it may be. The studio was founded with the principles of the bodhi-sattva warrior – using wisdom and passion to help others and relieve their suffering. While it is not necessary to embody this approach, it is a pretty neat fact.

Check out Warrior Studios here
10b Lor Telok
Opening hours: (Mon-Wed, Fri) 8am-9pm, (Thurs) 7am-9pm, (Sat-Sun) 9am-6pm

Yoga Movement Novena Pod

Originally meant to be a pop-up, this boutique yoga studio has established an official in-and-out pod-concept Yoga Movement studio in Novena instead. The outlet is smaller than usual with only a check-in counter, two changing rooms without showers, and a no-frills practice room, but the space conducts over 50 classes in a week – perfect for those looking for a quick yoga fix during the day or immediately after work.

Check out Yoga Movment Novena Pod here
8 Sinaran Dr, #01-08 Specialists Centre
Opening hours: (Mon-Fri) 7:30am-12:30pm, 4:30-7:30pm, (Sat-Sun) 8:30am-6pm