Yotelair at Jewel Changi Airport review: 5 reasons why you should check in here during your next layover

Yotelair at Jewel Changi Airport review: 5 reasons why you should check in here during your next layover

First-class cabin

Text: Amelia Chia

Yotelair at Jewel Changi Airport is a veritable game changer. Prior to its opening in April, travellers to Singapore Changi Airport had two options when it came to taking naps during transits — the luxurious (and pricey) Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, or the terminal's carpeted floors. If neither sounded particularly appealing, it was probably best to eat your way through the airport's glorious food offerings.

But Yotelair opened up a generous middle ground, one that would allow transit folk to either stay a night or for a four-hour block at any time of the day. The rooms are snug, starting at 110 sq ft for the Premium Queen to 226 sq ft for the Premium Queen Accessible and the Family Room. However, they are well-priced, functional, and is exactly as promised — a stay that meets all your basic needs. Each room comes furnished with a queen-sized bed, flat-screen television, adjustable mood lighting, powerful shower head, beautiful amenities by Australian label Urban Skincare Co. and most importantly, lightning quick WiFi. We popped in for an afternoon, and deliver the lowdown on our favourite features.

Yotelair's Mission Control, where check-in and check-out happens

1. The Serta SmartBeds are better than it looks

At first glance, they look rather like hospital beds given the recline option on these queen-sized Serta SmartBeds. Snuggle in, and you realise they're top-notch genius. The beds feature multiple power points for you to charge multiple devices at once. Its recline option means you're watching your Smart TV without craning your neck, whether it's global news, Fox movies, or your favourite shows from your Netflix account. When you're ready for some shut-eye, simply press a button and you'll get your usual flat bed back. Verdict? Those memory gel mattresses are surprisingly comfortable; not too hard nor too soft.

The Serta SmartBeds in the Premium Queen Accessible Room

2. Gym rats will be pleased

Admittedly, the gym is not a place we'd prefer to be during a layover (we'd rather be in Jewel Changi Airport's food court scarfing down chendol and a side of A&W curly fries). However, for the sake of this review, we made a trip there. First impressions: Decent-sized, and has all the state-of-the-art equipment you'll need for a quick workout — weights up to 20kg and a cable machine, for starters. Open 24 hours, there's also complimentary water bottles and towels, as well as a view of skytrains zipping past every few minutes. Very cutting-edge.

Gym with a view

3. You will encounter a robot here

Speaking of futuristic, if you've never met a robot, you're about to meet one at Yotelair. Order towels or amenities and a robot will deliver it promptly to your doorstep. It's nifty, and it's a sign of the times. We guarantee you'll be whipping out your mobile phone to get a video of this inaugural meeting.

4. Checking in and out is a breeze

We've all been there — it's 5am and the last thing we want is to have human interaction. Yotelair knows our millennial hearts, and have designed smart check-in kiosks that don't require us to speak to anyone. In a matter of minutes, you would have settled any outstanding bills, dropped off your key card, and made your exit. No time to waste when you have a flight to catch, right?

Komyuniti is Yotelair's designated social hub

5. You'll have prime view of that Rain Vortex

If you're craving for a light snack or a breather, head on down to Komyuniti, Yotelair's designated public space and social hub. Coffee and tea are readily available to all guests, and if you wish, you can also indulge in a full continental breakfast here. Bonus points for that splendid view of the Rain Vortex; we absolutely recommend sitting out here during the nightly Light and Sound show. There's no better way to remember your layover in Singapore.

Book your stay at Yotelair Changi Airport here.

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