Why Dubai's the ideal destination for desert glamping and adventure travel

Why Dubai's the ideal destination for desert glamping and adventure travel

More than just a layover

Text: Janice Sim

People don't give enough credit to Dubai. Simply because it's often known for a flamboyant layover with millions of travellers transiting through the illustrious airport. That barely scratches the surface of Dubai's true identity. Past the revolving doors of Dubai International Airport, and beyond its reputation for being a pitstop, is a destination waiting to be discovered.

Desert glamping

Glamping might seem like a travel fad to some; but if we're being honest, we're still hooked onto the idea of camping with the luxury of having a lavish bathroom. Desert camps like Dubai Adventure, Platinum Heritage and Arabian Adventures, offer travellers a slew of options to bask in nature and immerse in Dubai's culture. Ride a camel like a professional rider and watch the world go by. Dune bash in a 4X4 and feel the desert wind in your face. Board on a hot air balloon and traverse Dubai's mysterious yet alluring desert. Try sand surfing from dune to dune on a wakeboard. Savour classic Emirati fares and drinks over traditional music and dances. You can have it all, even in the middle of nowhere.

Dubai glamping

Wildlife encounters

The Dubai Safari Park is where you can revel in an astounding number of wildlife. It recreates the different habitats suitable for its varied and unique widlife (including up to 2,500 animals from over 250 different species from around the world); and it's where you can see oryxs, gazelles and Gordon's wildcats up close. There's also The Green Planet, a rainforest housed in a bio-dome, which takes visitors through four levels of immersive discovery with flora, fauna, animals and reptiles.

Beach, please

Sun's out, bums out. Turns out Dubai's beaches are easily as covetable as the ones in Europe. Take La Mer for example, you'll find sweeping views of the city skyline and Arabian Gulf. At Sunset Beach, that's where you'll catch a glimpse of the iconic Burj Al Arab. Another standout? The Beach at JBR — to chill out, laze on a sunbed and enjoy a camel ride if you're up for it.

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Adventure galore

Those seeking that rush of adrenaline, be spoilt by a slew of activities including skydiving at The Palm Jumeriah, ziplining across the city, sandboarding in the deserts and shark diving at the Dubai Aquarium.

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