Where to stay: Cool stylish hotels in Seoul, South Korea

Where to stay: Cool stylish hotels in Seoul, South Korea

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Swanky boutique hotels to check in whenever you're in Seoul

Let's talk about the city that's on everyone's lips lately: Seoul. Partly because Seoul Fashion Week is just around the corner, and partly because it has been spearheading a class act as one of the most innovative and creative destinations in Asia.

Design concept stores, maze-like museums, and how about some appreciation for the cool cats caught on the street style lens? Even the kids are getting their own time in the limelight. The hotels don't stray too far either. In fact, these stylish abodes might just be cool enough to convince you to stay indoors, lounge around and order in. Yes, that can happen even when you're in Seoul. 

Glad Live Gangnam

You know you're in swanky quarters when you're staying in Gangnam. The ever-thriving district is home to local and global luxury brands, the city's vast Olympic Park as well as Glad Live Gangnam hotel. Grounded on eclectic design aligned with Seoul's vibrant nightlife experiences, all 210 rooms and suites are decked with contemporary art and sleek monotones.

Glad live Gangnam

Hotel Loft

The word 'Loft' should be seducing enough. Yeongdeungpo's Hotel Loft reminds us of those trendy Soho apartments in New York City; just minus the cringe-worthy prices. Think spacious rooms adorned with floor-to-ceiling windows and kinfolk-worthy interiors.

Stylish hotels in Seoul

Nest Hotel

Okay, this isn't exactly in Seoul. But it isn't too far away from the city — neighbours almost. Nest Hotel sits on the island of Yeongjongdo, as a 370-room edifice in a cube-like structure. Guests are treated to sweeping views of pine trees, reed fields and the calming Yellow Sea. Clearly, this is where to go if you're seeking a break from the hustle and the bustle. When you're in Nest Hotel, you're in a retreat.

Stylish hotels in Seoul

Hotel Karashy

It's boutique, but it's fancy. Two important things we love to hear. But more importantly, Hotel Karashy's secret weapon boils down to their indulgent bathrooms. Read: huge tubs where you can afford to take hour-long baths. Lights are kept dim and moody so clearly it's all about making sure you never see the light of day. That's the whole point isn't it? 

Stylish hotels in Seoul

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