Where to go during the 5 long weekends in 2016

Where to go during the 5 long weekends in 2016

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It never hurts to start planning your getaways for the year ahead. We've marked out the public holidays that stretch out into a long weekend and show you just where to go

1. Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

When to go: Chinese New Year (8 - 9 February)

Why go? Forget the madness of Bangkok. This beautiful city surrounded by a ring of mountains gives you the perfect balance between the calming presence of nature and urban comforts we've all grown accustomed to. Check into a charming colonial property before visiting ancient temples and picturesque national parks. There are also plenty of chances to dine at riverside restaurants that overlook Chiang Mai's verdant paddy fields. This weekend guide to Chiang Mai will come in handy. 


2. Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang

When to go: Good Friday (25 March)

Why go? Now that Lao Airlines has introduced flights between Singapore and Luang Prabang, flying in for an extended weekend getaway has never been easier. If you're looking to spend a languid weekend, you'll find a pervasive sense of calm in the town of Luang Prabang that few UNESCO World Heritage sites can echo. Take part in a traditional almsgiving ceremony before visiting pottery-making village and ornate temples. Gourmands will also find plenty to discover on the gastronomic route. Discover 10 ways to experience this underrated city


3. Maldives


When to go: Labour Day (2 May)

Why go? The Maldives never gets old. Think vast turquoise waters, Monet-coloured skies, and all the luxury you can fit into an atoll. Weekend getaways don't get more luxurious than this. World-class hotels and spas are poised to charm even the most jaded traveller, but water babies will no doubt get the most out of this destination. Diving, snorkeling, and sailing are but some of the water sports you can look forward to at this dream destination. Check into Maalifushi by COMO for the ultimate Maldivian getaway. 


4. Koh Samui

Koh Samui

When to go: National Day (9 August)

Why go? An 80-minute flight bridges Singapore to Koh Samui, ensuring you'll get straight into the swing of the weekend. With so many world-class boutique villas mushrooming across the island, you'll do well to check into one of them. Feast on plenty of fresh seafood, head out for a dive, check yourself into a yoga retreat, unwind at the spa, or spend all weekend by the pool with a book in one hand and a mojito in another. 


5. Nikoi Island

Nikoi Island, Indonesia

When to go: Hari Raya Haji (12 September)

Why go? A mere 2.5 hour ferry ride can whisk you from Singapore to paradise. This private island makes for the perfect getaway if you're looking to hide from the world without sacrificing your creature comforts. Here, you'll find handcrafted beach houses backdropped with sweeping views of the South China Sea. Spectacular coral reefs give divers good reason to slip into their diving gear while a highly personalised touch of service means that the resort can arrange to ferry you (along with a well-stocked picnic basket) to a deserted island nearby. Talk about Robinson Crusoe done right. 


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