Stylish wellness hotels for the ultimate escape

Life is good again

Text: Janice Sim

When you need a break from your holiday...

The end goal here is simple. You're in search of a real vacation.  

That means minimal walking and abolishing cumbersome itineraries. Imagine languid days of lounging by the pool, waking up to scenic views of Mother Nature and letting your hair down with the aide of pampering treatments by zen-like spa personnel. The only thing on your to-do list: taking care of yourself. This is the holiday to recharge, unwind, waste time, and find your equilibrium. Welcome to your new reality. 

Our friends at Design Hotels have just the haute list — from après-ski-winter warmers in Switzerland to Grecian cave rituals in Mexico, these are the wellness abodes to check yourself in. Word of advice? Leave your beeping devices and cute kids back home. This time is yours, and yours alone. 

For more information, visit Design Hotels. 


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