Tumi Latitude: See the brand's lightest luggage fronting the travel escapades of Alexander Skarsgård

Tumi Latitude: See the brand's lightest luggage fronting the travel escapades of Alexander Skarsgård

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Text: Janice Sim

Tumi's lightest luggage range, Latitude, is more than just a pretty shell

The age-old "travel light" tip has been lost on many — mainly because it's almost impossible when you need to pack a couple pairs of footwear to go along with varying outfits, special bottles of shampoo to combat the 'hard water' overseas... and don't even get us started on our skincare hoard. We can't afford to lose the glow especially while on holiday. 

Here's where Tumi's newest collection, Latitude, swivels in to ensure you don't throw out your back while shuttling from destination to destination on your voyages. With the brand's lightest luggage to date, you can indeed travel light, without sacrificing the options when it comes to your outfits. Re: Alexander Skarsgård looking like a vision while lugging his Tumi Latitude to places like Tolna in Hungary, Lake Como in Italy, Cougar Mountain in Washington, or the enchanting Mongolia.  

Tumi Latitude

The premium hard-shelled solution might not weigh much, but it's certainly a sturdy companion. How so? Well for starters, it's uniquely crafted from Tumi's revolutionary material, Self-Reinforced Poly-Propylene, otherwise known as SRPP Ballistic. This allows the luggage to wheel through environmental changes whether it be the landscape or climate. Abiding by a smart method, the material is woven to form many fabric layers that make up the shell casing. In other words, the more layers used, the stronger and hardier the shell will be. Coupled with timeless design, the Tumi Latitude is perfect testament to what form and function looks like.

Tumi Latitude

That's not all. The range was also engineered to meet the needs of the modern-day traveller. It all boils down to making packing a fuss-free affair. All silhouettes include tie-down straps, multiple pockets for better organisation, a hanger bracket, as well as a nifty TSA lock. The handle system (be it top or side) has been booted with sturdy aircraft-grade aluminium — preventing damage in the long run while reducing the overall weight of the luggage.

Wheels? Newly engineered with dual lightweight rollers and stable multi-directional navigation. Decked in a range of carry-on and check-in sizes, this is the suitcase to take you places — no matter where your next adventure may be. 

Latitude is now available online and at all TUMI retail stores.

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