Escape to Tulum Treehouse for the perfect slow living experience

Escape to Tulum Treehouse for the perfect slow living experience

Escape from the cityscape

Text: Kimberly Kiong

Unplug from the digital age and recharge at the gorgeous Tulum Treehouse

As children, treehouse dreams were the best kind of dreams. In our vast imagination, our treehouse would be situated in the middle of a jungle and have a wide selection of cookies and books — essentially, creating the perfect setting for adventure.

Here's where your childhood dreams get even better. Tulum-based Co-Lab Design Office has gone right into the dense mangrove vegetation of Tulum, Mexico, with its new Tulum Treehouse, a luxurious secret retreat ready to welcome discerning adventurers and respite-seekers worldwide. Here, a five-bedroom house has been created — championing sustainability above all, with upcycled furnishings and pieces made from natural materials such as Tzalam wood found on the Mexico Caribbean coast. Imagine large common areas, spacious wrap-around terraces, and pristine rooftops that are the result of a creative mind's fantasy. 
Tulum Treehouse mexico caribbean
Nestled in a secluded jungle on Tulum's most lively stretch, the white concrete house offers a beautiful sense of tranquility. "We were sparked by the desire to develop new hospitality models which embody the lifestyle of today's nomads," says Juan Pablo Heredia, partner of the Tulum Treehouse. "Those seeking genuine and innovative experiences centered around the respect and appreciation of local traditions, food, music, and rituals. Simply put, the true connectors to the people and culture of any given destination."

The abode also brings together nature and the local artisan community by incorporating handwoven bejuco baskets made by Tulum's craftsmen, Oaxacan ceramics from La Chicharra, and other handcrafted finishes.
Tulum Treehouse mexico caribbean
At dusk, the best thing to do is to head upstairs to the house's apex — where a spacious 12-person dining area creates the perfect setting for an intimate dinner while marvelling at Mexico's natural beauty. Time is on your side as you reconnect with nature, as you lay in hammocks or take a long outdoor shower. Self-catering and private chef hire options are also available.

If a thoughtful slow living experience is what you came for, expect to leave as contented as you'll ever be.

For more information or to book a stay at Tulum Treehouse, visit Design Hotels.