#TravelTuesday: Bikepacking made easy

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#TravelTuesday: Bikepacking made easy
See the world on two wheels

There are many ways you can go about travelling the world and backpacking is thought to be one of the most immersive ways to do so. However, there is another alternative that is just as adventurous and immersive — if not more so — and lets you get to places a little faster – biking.

Popular travel guidebook Lonely Planet is making the two-wheeled adventure easier with its new travel companion, Epic Bike Rides of the World, which features 50 cycling routes in 30 countries, complete with beautiful photos and maps.


The book leads with stories from cyclists who share about their own experiences biking through various regions, and includes anecdotes of the sights, food, and people they've encountered on their journeys. Each story is appended with practical information on how to prepare and plan for a trip, highlighting places where you can rent bikes or stay the night.

The guide book features a wide range of regions on different continents, and includes eight biking routes in Asia, spanning Vietnam, Mongolia, Japan, India, Bhutan, Thailand, Sri Lankan, and China. It also offers different types of ride for a variety of interests, ranging from family-friendly jaunts to city tours and meandering country adventures.  

Take a look inside the pages of the book. 

Text: Jessica Zheng

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