#TravelTuesday: What we're bringing to Bali

#TravelTuesday: What we're bringing to Bali

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Text: Denise Kok

Image: Getty Images

As the Buro 24/7 Singapore team prepares for its #BaliTakeover, we share the one item we can't do without

Island living just isn't complete without a few travel essentials. Sunscreen is pretty much a given, but our choice picks go beyond the mandatory and splice right through to the indulgent. Mermaid flippers? Well, that's just how we roll. 

Dora Aljoofri | Fashion Editor (@doraljoofri)


"Panama hats and sunglasses are so overrated. My beach get-away statement accessory of choice is a beautifully printed beach mat that doubles up as a cosy shawl when night falls."

Hand-drawn round towel in blue hues by The Beach People

Norman Tan | Editor-in-Chief (@musingmutley)


"I don't do budgie smugglers, I do Orlebar Brown swim shorts." 

Roc pool photographic swim shorts by Orlebar Brown

Adibah Isa | Culture Editor (@adibah.isa)


"I'm bringing Mermaid Flippers — because why not? Ariel is my favourite Disney princess after all, and if Tinder doesn't work its magic in finding my own Prince Eric, I'm hoping these babies will do the trick."

Mermaid Flippers from Urban Outfitters

Vanessa Caitlin | Photo Editor (@vcluxe)


"Reflective sunglasses... so I can watch others without being seen."

Round-frame reflective sunglasses with zigzag top bar from Le Specs

Andrea Sim | Editorial Assistant (@andreasimjz)


"A touch of colour and fru fru decor will ring in the beachside festivities, right down to tacos and G&Ts at Motel Mexicola." 

Sensi Studio Pompom panama in cream woven straw

Renée Batchelor | Beauty Editor (@renee_buro247)


"With time away from my husband and daughter, it's time to catch up on some reading. I'm going to attempt to finish Autobiography by Morrissey, a Christmas gift from 2013 (yes it's taken that long) and take in all the salacious details beachside."

 Autobiography by Morrissey

Tracy Phillips | Contributing Editor (@tracyjoyphillips)


"I've just started taking lessons and am really crap so I'll need to squeeze in some practice time. I'm hoping Bali's tropical vibes and our beachfront accommodation is just the right kind of inspiration to unleash my inner ukulele hero."

Ukulele from Ukulele Movement

Denise Kok | Lifestyle Editor (@denise.kok)


"Nothing delivers a massive post-flight hydration boost like this incredibly gentle and calming mask. I'll slather it on while unpacking my bags and watch it transform my shrivelled prune of a face into a dewy, Korean-celebrity worthy visage."

Blue chamomile facial hydrating masque from Aesop

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