#TravelTuesday: Tips on booking ahead for the holidays

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#TravelTuesday: Tips on booking ahead for the holidays
Looking to get away this year-end? The good folk at TripAdvisor share their top insights on the best time to book your accommodation

1. Start booking your holiday stays in November for Africa

Prices average $166 in Africa for the end of year holidays and fluctuate about 5% from late March until November when they start to decline steadily, from 10% less than the early year peak.

2. Asia sees best savings from September onwards

Hotels average $93 for the holidays and decline gradually beginning in February to the end of December. Travellers that book after September to the end of the year can save 16% or more versus peak rates. 

3. Travellers should shop for European deals 
beginning in March but can find consistent value by booking after mid-November

European hotels average $140 for the holidays.  Prices level out in March offering value for travellers and stay relatively consistent until prices decline 5% in mid-November, approximately 15% savings compared to the early year peak. 

4. Book U.S. hotels starting in November

U.S. hotels during the holidays average $192 per night and pricing remains fairly steady from March until November when rates start to decline. During Thanksgiving week, travellers can save the greatest amount, 21% overall compared to early year peak pricing.  

5. Prices begin to drop for Middle East hotels starting in November

Average rates for the holiday weeks are $222 and prices remain relatively steady from May until November, when prices drop 17% or more versus the early year peak.

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