#TravelTuesday: Not your usual honeymoon spots

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#TravelTuesday: Not your usual honeymoon spots
Forget Paris or the Maldives. Your honeymoon deserves a different backdrop

In the lifelong game of one-upmanship, every opportunity for humble bragging must be seized. Consider your honeymoon the perfect stage for an off-beat romance, because nothing says #RelationshipGoals quite like the couple that lives and breathes the most novel romance. So ditch the cookie-cutter destinations all the other lovebirds are heading to and turn to this unexpected list of destinations recommended by the travel gurus over at Zuji

1. Admire the snow-capped mountains in Bettmeralp, Switzerland 


Board a cable car and take a romantic ride up to the quaint car-free Alpine village of Bettmeralp, Switzerland. With a phenomenal view of the snow-capped mountains and the Aletsch Glacier, it's definitely a sight you'd want to share with your loved one. Take time to explore the village hand-in-hand, and perhaps indulge in a fondue for two. By nightfall, snuggle by a roaring fire with some hot Swiss chocolate in hand — a perfect treat to end the perfect day. 

2. Dive the South Pacific in Fiji


Creating the perfect backdrop for romance with beautiful turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and gorgeous sunsets is the ever amazing Fiji. Take a dive together in one of Fiji's famous reefs that are filled with an underwater parade of turtles, fish, and colourful corals. If you aren't certified, there's always the option to snorkel at the shallow areas. To top off your exotic honeymoon, why not surprise your spouse with a stay in a beachfront bure (bungalow) at one of the private island resorts? It'll definitely be worth the splurge.

3. Stay in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora

Bora bora

Pamper yourselves with a little piece of heaven in one of the dreamiest destinations in the world — Bora Bora. With an endless list of resorts with overwaters bungalows, you'll be spoiled for choice. But one thing is certain, wherever you are Bora Bora's pristine waters will be your backyard (and swimming pool). Explore the resort through beach-cruisers or snorkel by the sea where tropical fish and coral eagerly greet you. This getaway, is the perfect romantic escape to paradise.

4. Dance and eat your way around Austin, Texas, U.S.A

Austin Texas

With legendary live musical performances, tons of delicious food spots, and vintage and thrift stores all around, Austin, Texas is one of the most exciting cities in the U.S.A. Hit the dance floor with your partner and rock the night away, tantalize your taste buds with a unique Texan barbeque experience, or savour the unique dishes that its wacky food truck culture has to offer. There's always something new to discover together in this amazing town!

5. Go on safari in Tanzania, South Africa


Looking for an adventure together? Why not live on the wild side and have your honeymoon in Tanzania, South Africa. Home to more than 25,000 large mammals and the scenic Ngorongoro Crater — a lush stretch of land that stands where a volcano collapsed about two million years ago, it's certainly one of the most beautiful places on earth that you should experience with your partner. With incredible sunsets and safaris, paired with breath-taking scenery, you won't regret this once-in-a-lifetime destination.

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