#TravelTuesday: Meet your very own drone photographer

#TravelTuesday: Meet your very own drone photographer

Sky high

Text: Denise Kok

Image: Black Tomato,
Getty Images

Pixel memories as captured from the sky

Selfies are so 2016. This year, take your vacations snaps to new heights by hiring your very own drone photographer. Luxury travel company Black Tomato has launched a drone photography service that sees a professional drone photographer documenting your epic getaway. By professional, we're talking about men who have cut their teeth on the sets of blockbuster films the likes of Star Wars and James Bond. You've probably seen some of their work on National Geographic's documentaries as well. You're best off leaving the hard work to the pros, but if you're keen to direct and produce your souvenir featurette, these merry men will cue you in on the process as well. 

Below, a few destinations that'll form the perfect backdrop for your first drone featurette. 

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