#TravelTuesday: Truly authentic travel experiences

#TravelTuesday: Truly authentic travel experiences

Heritage revival

Text: Denise Kok

Meet Backstreet Academy, the online travel platform that connects you with Asian artisans

The average travel guide is great at providing a list of a city's top attractions. But those looking to venture beyond the usual tourist circuit will find the offerings at Backstreet Academy to be particularly interesting. The online travel platform pulls together unique experiences from developing countries that you wouldn't find anywhere else. From weaving classes with Nepali craftsmen to exploring a blue pottery factory in Jaipur, the experiences at Backstreet Academy shine the spotlight on artisans and craftsmen that toil quietly in the underbelly of a city. 

backstreet academy
Founded by social entrepreneur Jamon Mok, the site is dedicated to listing only experiences that have been vetted by the Backstreet Academy team. By working with NGO's and handicraft organisations, Backstreet Academy is able to identify underprivileged craftsmen and connect them with tourists to help the former earn some additional income. As most of these craftsmen do not have a command of English, Backstreet Academy engages a network of guides and translators who can help to facilitate the experience. At the end of the day, while the company is a for-profit social enterprise, it ensures that everyone involved in each aspect of the experience is fairly compensated. 

Exploring a destination in Asia on your next trip? Consider booking in an experience with Backstreet Academy and leave with a souvenir that truly means something.