#TravelTuesday: This 800-year-old castle in Ireland has been magnificently restored

#TravelTuesday: This 800-year-old castle in Ireland has been magnificently restored

Fit for a king

Text: Denise Kok

Downton Abbey has nothing on this

A 32-seat cinema, museum and ozone-filtrated pool are not features you would expect to find in an 800-year-old castle, but the newly restored Ashford Castle boasts just that. Following a 75 million dollar facelift, the Irish castle — once upon a time home to the Guinness family — which has played host to royalty, celebrities and heads of state, is once again ready to welcome guests into its storied grounds.  

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Spearheaded by Beatrice Tollman, Founder and President of The Red Carnation Hotel Collection, her daughter Toni Tollman and architect Philippe Bonino, the restoration works of the castle took two years to complete. Along with other original features of the castle, 85 rooms and suites remain, but you won't be warming up by the fireside. The rooms have been updated with all the modern luxuries you would expect to find in a five-star property. 

Ashford castle

A destination in itself, the castle also features a conservatory which houses a brand new spa and gym. The architects have also converted an abandoned underground tunnel into a wine cellar — one befitting of private parties and wine tastings of the finest vintages from the region. 

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