Stunning rooftop pools for an unforgettable swim


Text: Janice Sim

As temperatures soar over the Northern Hemisphere, there's nowhere we'd rather be than in a pool with an unbeatable view

Alas, it's finally summer. Bright, optimistic days with the golden sun beating down on our backs, while temperatures spike to an all-time high. Our vision for an ideal afternoon? Lounging by the pool in our new favourite swimsuit, oversized shades on, an ice-cold Piña Colada in one hand, and armed with a hardback copy of Crazy Rich Asians (or Rich People Problems if you're up to date) in the other. Take those dreams a notch further by not settling for any pool — these gorgeous rooftop pools, recommended by our friends at Design Hotels, offer pristine views of cityscapes and glistening beaches. You'll be booking that next holiday in no time.  


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