Travel hack: Tips on booking the best plane seats

Travel hack: Tips on booking the best plane seats

Up in the air

Text: Varsha Sivaram

Forget changing airlines, it might just be your seat placement that makes or breaks a plane ride

Airplane journeys are a tricky experience: they can either go perfectly or descend into hours of boredom and discomfort. Legroom, reclining space, and getting that perfect Instagram shot from the window are just some of the little things that add up to a quality flight. Travel search engine KAYAK has given us some insider tips on where you'll find the best seats in the air.

For extra legroom
On the Airbus A320, you'll get the most space for your feet over at the A1 and F1 seats. If you aren't able to book them in time, rows 12 and 13 aren't too shabby either. If you're flying on the Boeing 777, legroom is best over at rows 16 and 32. Be wary of the latter, however, as you'll be one of the last to be served at mealtimes.

For when you're particularly peckish
Airplane dining will never earn its Michelin stars, but at least you'll get served first at these seats. On the Airbus A320, A1 and F1 win out here again, along with A30 and F30. Over on the Boeing 777, you can get your meals earlier at the A and L seats on rows 16 and 32. Bon appétit.

For some much needed rest
Away from blaring noise or crying babies, these seats offer the best chance of uninterrupted sleep. The Airbus A320's precious places of calm span across rows 1 to 10, save for the A and F seats on row 10. Kick back, and sleep away.

For that gorgeous view
Whip out your phones – on airplane mode, of course – and get snapping. There's nothing quite like a cloud-adorned view from a plane window, and these seats give you the prime placement to see it all from the sky. Book up the A1 and F1 seats on the Airbus A320, and the A and L seats at row 35 and rows 39 to 44 on the Boeing 777.