This handy app by SATS is a personal concierge for all your travel needs

This handy app by SATS is a personal concierge for all your travel needs

Weight off your shoulders

Text: Janice Sim

Forget adult responsibilities — this mobile organiser by Changi Airport's biggest ground handler takes on all of that for you

The relationship we have with travelling is often a contentious one. While we love flying out to witness the great wonders of the world, we dread the logistics that come along with it. Packing an entire suitcase is already a labourious chore in itself. There's also visas to secure, travel insurance, flight itineraries... well, the list goes on. Ironically, this is when a holiday gets immensely stressful.

Travel concierge ready to travel app

Here to the rescue is Ready To Travel, the latest app from SATS, Singapore's Changi Airport's chief ground handling provider. Don't feel like adulting just yet? Easy. Leave it all up to this personal travel concierge to take care of everything you need before and during your travels.   

After you've booked your flight tickets, begin your journey on Ready to Travel by keying in your address, contact numbers, and passport details. Start any new trip itinerary by scanning your booking confirmation — honestly, that's technology at its finest. Once that's done and dusted, users will start receiving notifications for travel tips or advice that applies to the specific country they're travelling to. It also sends timely reminders regarding passport renewal, visas wherever applicable, as well as currency exchange rates, so you won't ever have to worry about forgetting the important stuff. Travelling with friends? Get your girl squad to download the app and share the planning process with them. 

Travel concierge ready to travel app

That isn't all. Between 24 and 72 hours before your flight, you'll receive useful updates on weather forecasts or flight delays. When you're finally in the airport, its smart GPS function kindly navigates you to your boarding gate  — in case your eyesight or sense of direction ever fails you. This is especially helpful when you've landed in a foreign airport for the first time. While this feature is only available in Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo and Hong Kong airports, more airport maps are expected to launch in the near future.

Ready to Travel also allows you to buy travel insurance, pocket Wi-Fis (that are conveniently delivered straight to your doorstep), and a slew of activities in your country of choice, whether it's white water rafting in Bali or that K-beauty skin care treatment in the heart of Seoul. The options are endless. 

Travel concierge ready to travel app

Did we also mention that Ready to Travel is free? Call it the mother you never had, or a gift from the travel gods — one thing's for sure, this app is proof why we're proud of our little red dot and its revolutionary technology. We've never been more psyched for our next trip. 

Ready To Travel is currently available for both iOS and Android in Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

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