Add these adventure travel destinations to your bucket list

Add these adventure travel destinations to your bucket list

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Text: Casper Urhammer

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If checking into a resort for a weekend of R&R isn't quite your thing, pump up the adrenaline with a flight out to these spots. Casper Urhammer, Contiki's global CEO, shares his hit list


This should be on everyone's bucket list, period. The safaris there offer such a unique experience to see elephants, rhinos, lions, giraffes and so many other amazing creatures in their natural habitat. I am getting married shortly and we plan to take a trip out there with safari operator Wilderness Safaris.


The Himalayas

Is there anything more liberating than cruising along long, open roads on a motorcycle? Imagine doing so while winding through the Himalayas. It'll take you at least two weeks to chart this route and you'll have to be in top form to undertake the journey, but the views are breathtaking and you'll cross some of the highest passes in the world along the way. 


The Mediterranean

I have sailed through the Mediterranean on many occasions and it remains a top adventure destination for me. There are many beautiful coves to explore while the wildlife in the sea is as rich as it is diverse. Needless to say, the food and hospitality you'll find on each island is unparalleled. Contiki has a few tour options in both Greece and Turkey which I recommend everyone between 18 and 35 to try at least once.



It might be incredibly far for most to get to, but those who bother to make the trip out will be richly rewarded by otherworldly views. The landscapes you'll find here are like none other, especially if you're sailing along the coast line from Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. 



There's more to Japan than onsens and Michelin-starred restaurants. Todoroki Valley, located just southwest of Tokyo, is a great spot for trekking. You can also seek out more unusual experiences such as catching a traditional Sumo fight or viewing the spectacular Fire Festival in August held to honour the goddess of the volcano.


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