Tips to get yourself upgraded to business class while travelling

Tips to get yourself upgraded to business class while travelling

Like a boss

Text: Janice Sim

Hearing tales about your friend's unprecedented upgrade to business class is something that seems so absurd. The thing is: we hear about it a lot — but it never happens to us. Not us, because we're never the lucky ones.

But what if, the "random selection" isn't that random after all? Perhaps, there's something to be done on our end as passengers. We did a little snooping, and here's what you can attempt if you're dead serious about snagging a free ticket to free-flow champagne and fully flat duvets.

1. Be impeccably dressed

While the logical thing would be to rock up in sweatpants and a loose tee whenever you're boarding a long haul flight, the strategic alternative would be to dress to the nines. Freshly pressed shirts, formal bottoms and dress shoes — probably an oufit that instigates that you are in fact, travelling for business. 

2. Only arrive to your check-in counter as close to the closing time possible

It's a gamble; so we would advise getting early and lingering around till just before your check-in counter closes. That way, when most passengers have already boarded, the airline would be able to know if there are empty spacious seats in business class to hand out. This is where point number one would serve its importance. 

3. Be polite

It never hurts to be nice and courteous. Smile whenever you can, just to prove that you're a decent human being that deserves extra leg room. 

4. Take advantage of inconveniences 

Albeit the previous point, being a difficult passenger does has its perks — but only if the situation calls for it. If you've suffered injustice — for instance, had to give up your seat because of an overbooked flight or found something nasty in your food, make a big deal out of it. And maybe, just maybe you'll get the compensation you're looking for. 

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