3 things you didn't know you could do at Changi Airport

3 things you didn't know you could do at Changi Airport

Taking off in style

Text: Renée Batchelor Denise Kok

From purchasing exclusive whiskeys to getting a pampering facial, here are the best ways to kill time before your next flight

Changi Airport is celebrated for a lot of things. From a lush butterfly garden to a four-storey slide located in Terminal 3, there's plenty to keep any restless traveller well occupied. All in all, it's not a bad airport to have a stopover at or to fly off from — and trust us, we've been in some pretty crappy airports in our time. And if you're heading there to catch a flight anytime soon, you can rest assured that you can pretty much grab any last-minute travel needs from a page-turning novel to a TSA lock. But beyond the beaten track of luxury shopping at stores such as Hermès and Tiffany and Co., the airport harbours some pretty sweet, undiscovered experiences. Case in point? These hidden gems below.

1. Get a facial at the Shilla Beauty Loft

Where: Terminal 3

What: If you can spare some time, check in early for your flight and head to the Shilla Beauty Loft. Four luxury brands — SK-II, Dior, Chanel, La Prairie — offer exclusive mini facials and services in private cabins that are tucked away in the loft. Give your skin the pre-flight boost it needs or even opt for a hand massage or makeup application if you want to travel in style. For Chanel and La Prairie, you have to be invited to experience these treatments — though if you're a regular customer of the brand, you can probably wrangle an invite. If not, walk in to Dior and ask for a mini, 15-minute skin treat or pre-book an express facial treatment with SK-II. Your refreshed, glowing complexion will thank you for the clever planning.
Shilla Beauty Loft 

2. Down a Singapore Sling at the Long Bar by Raffles 

Where: DFS Wines and Spirits Duplex, Terminal 3

What: Steeped in history, the iconic Singapore Sling is more than a hundred years old. Created by Mr. Ngiam Tong Boon, the sweet, gin-based drink is not only synonymous with the Long Bar at Raffles Singapore, but is also a world-renowned cocktail on the 'to-drink' list of many tipple fiends. Didn't manage to swing by the historic bar at Raffles Singapore? Do the next best thing and drop by the Long Bar by Raffles at Terminal 3. Fitted with the same handsome darkwood and cosy lighting, the bar serves up a version of the Singapore Sling that stays true to the original deal. 

raffles long bar

3. Take your pick from 179 single malt whiskies

Where: DFS Wines and Spirits Duplex, Terminal 2

What: Love your single malt whiskies? Be sure to drop by the Whiskey House, where a mind-boggling selection of 179 single malts (arguably the largest selection of single malts offered by a travel retailer in the Asia Pacific region) awaits. If your loyalties are already pledged to a single distillery, chances are you'll find their creations in stock. Not too sure what to grab? Don't pick up a bottle cold. You are allowed to sample the whiskies. Go ahead, take a deep whiff, swirl, sip, and tip in a little water to open up the whiskey's bouquet. Not quite the whiskey expert? The friendly staff on hand will be happy to walk you through a tasting session. 

whiskey house

To redeem your special privileges, please head over to DFS or Shilla.