The Ritz Carlton Singapore staycation review: A relaxing hideaway for the whole family — big and small

The Ritz Carlton Singapore staycation review: A relaxing hideaway for the whole family — big and small

A new abode

Text: Janice Sim

Image: The Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore

Stepping foot into a hotel after what seemed like a ten month hiatus (which sounds about right), is bewildering. Even if it's in the stomping ground of your very own city. Sure, procedures are vastly different to how the front desk situation was like before. In a quiet, empty lobby, you go through the list of declaring where you have not been or verifying that you are well enough to have a staycation. It's nice to also know that the front desk staff at The Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore are still as welcoming as they were pre-pandemic.

The Ritz Carlton Singapore

28 floors up, and I'm shown to my chambers at the end of the aisle, which can only mean a good thing. There's a glow emanating from the deluxe suite, which greets me as soothing neutrals of brown take over, sitting in the light from the windows. And oh, the view from The Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore never disappoints — from the stadium to the beautiful waterfront where I could instantly point out the new Apple Marina Bay Sands. From the living room to the unmissable bathtub aligned with the iconic hexagon window, the inspection of the entire suite only reminded me of what I missed most about travelling. The first impression, that is.

The Ritz Carlton Singapore

Of course, sitting next to the plush King bed, was a cosy tent set-up. This was after all, a well-rounded family stay titled Ritz Kids Night Safari Adventures, to attend to the little ones. Nestled within, was an all-in-one package featuring kids' amenities, activity books, and not forgetting a cute lion plush dressed like a ranger. Full discretion: I had half a mind to fight off my nephew for that toy, but decided against it. As a fully-grown adult, I was psyched at the thought of spending the night in a luxurious camp, cushioned with a twin mattress, so it's safe to say my nephew was on cloud nine.

The Ritz Kids

The rest? Only a timely reminder of how natural the act of relaxation could be when your bed was this plushy, or when bath salts were at your disposal. The little one was kept high — and occupied — on activity sheets while the adults took a languid bath in the tub. And if the inclination comes, there's always the pool to dip in, or go for a real lap. We also appreciated the appointment of slots, in line with COVID-19, so honestly, the public pool does feel a lot like your private pool for the time being.

Ritz Carlton

With a suite, there's also a grand plan of dividing rooms. So once you have the kid settled, nestled in his own little abode, the living room is yours to continue the rest of the night. A Netflix marathon? A dance-off? A cheeky supper with room service? Easily done. There's also a complimentary breakfast for all to look forward to — without having to leave your suite. Due to current circumstances, breakfast buffets aren't currently allowed anymore, which only leaves the option of having the breakfast platters sent up to your room. An unexpected benefit in our books.

The Ritz Carlton

We started off with a healthy muesli loaded with chia seeds and fruits, then made our way to scrambled eggs atop of the bread basket. Not forgetting, a sinful stack of hashbrowns and crisp bacon, before demolishing a plate of kaya pandan pancakes with a gula melaka drizzle. Dessert is always essential — even for breakfast.

Coming down from the food coma, I looked over at my nephew, bed hair intact and glazed with a milk moustache. There wasn't a shadow of doubt that he woke up to the best morning, and so did I. Kid or no kid, there's no way one wouldn't have a ball of a "vacation" when cooped up in this enchanting suite.

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