The Four Seasons Jet: A greater way to fly

The Four Seasons Jet: A greater way to fly

Soaring to greater heights

Text: Denise Kok

The hotel industry's first fully branded private jet flies in a class of its own

A stay at the Four Seasons no longer begins when you check into the hotel. It commences the moment you board the hotel group's very own private jet — poised to shuttle you in comfort and style between its properties. Not surprisingly, the jet is currently privy to guests who book into multi-city journeys tailored by the hotel group. 

four seasons jet

The 52-seater retrofitted Boeing 757 is just about one of the most ambitious projects the group has undertaken to date and they've pulled it off beautifully. The black-bodied plane cuts a suave figure in the sky while its interior, brought to life by the hotel's designers, boasts white-leather flatbed seats handcrafted in Italy.

Take a look inside the jet:

In-flight WiFi and on-demand entertainment are a given — and we'll expect no less from a flight of this category — but little luxuries such as Bulgari amenity kits, Bose earphones, and cashmere blankets certainly take the edge off the tedium of flying. Their bubbly of choice? Dom Pérignon, of course. We'll toast to that.