Take a virtual tour of Thai Airways' latest A350 cabin

Take a virtual tour of Thai Airways' latest A350 cabin

Smooth as silk

Text: Denise Kok

No mere flight of fancy

Imagine wings that morph while a plane is 30,000 feet up in the air. Sounds like mere flights of fancy? Well, not quite. These are the very wings that propel Thai Airways' latest fleet of A350-900 XWB airplanes into the sky — proof that we've certainly come a long way since 1903, where the world watched with trepidation as the Wright Brothers launched the world's first aircraft to a shaky start.

Royal Silk Class cabins

Beyond state-of-the-art wings that allow the plane to take on a more aerodynamic stance through each stage of the flight, you'll also find yourself breathing more easily with air that is refreshed every few minutes within the cabin. It's little touches like these that really matter, especially if you're strapped in for a long-haul flight. A lower air pressure is maintained throughout the cabin too, ensuring a more comfortable journey for even the most restless traveller. 

Tired of battling jet lag while you flit across various continents? Here's the bad news: Jet lag is always going to be a mainstay for the globetrotter. Our bodies simply weren't built to traverse countries and continents in under a day. However, there are ways to alleviate the impact of jet lag and those flying on Thai Airways' A350 vessels will find LED ambient lighting in the cabin sensitively tweaked to help you better adjust to the timezone at your destination.  

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Here, size does matter. A wider cabin and generous headroom allows you to slide into a seat that is more spacious than those of the airplane's predecessors. Room to relax is key, and all the more precious when one is flying in Economy class. 

Contemporary orchid motifs dress the cabins, a subtle nod to the airline's Thai heritage. Coupled with distinctly Thai flavours on the menu, the new A350 planes truly mark Thai Airways' flight into a new era of aviation. 

Take a virtual walk through the cabin:

Thai Airways' A350-900 XWB vessels fly between Bangkok and Singapore, Rome, and Milan.

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