Spectacular places to visit before they change forever

It's now or never

Spectacular places to visit before they change forever
Pay these destinations a visit sooner rather than later

Before you know it, some the world's most beautiful and unique destinations could be unrecognisable. Climate change, plastic pollution and overpopulation are having devastating effects on our planet. Below, three destinations that are slowly slipping away from us. 

1. Taj Mahal, India

Not only are fees to visit this marble-ous palace increasing in an effort to limit tourists, but it's slowly losing its lustre as well. Pollution is causing the Taj Mahal to turn from white to yellow, and something tells us that as time goes on, the white marvel won't really have the same postcard-worthy affect that draws visitors from all over the globe. Groundwater levels and general tourist traffic have also been creating some structural damage to the palace which has led to whispers of public access being restricted in the near future. 

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2. Venice, Italy

Venice is one of our favourite island paradises, but it's no secret that the city is sinking — as it has been for centuries. High tides, rising sea levels due to climate change, and boat traffic are three of the main reasons why the buildings are eroding and slowly being claimed by rising water levels. The effect is a few millimetres a year which may not seem like a lot, but look ahead a few decades and it's more than a bit concerning. With floods becoming more frequent, efforts are being made to control the water levels going forward. And no, stilt walking for all is not a realistic option. 

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3. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Ever wanted to dive with Nemo and Dory in the stunning Great Barrier Reef? Well, you could be running out of time as rising ocean temperatures and an influx of pollution may mean this natural wonder is destroyed within the next 100 years. It's hard to believe, but every single piece of plastic ever created and cast into the reef still exists today. 90% of all floating material in the ocean is plastic. Each year, millions of sea birds and hundreds of thousands of marine mammals mistake the plastic for food and die as a result. Check out this video on the effect of plastic pollution on our oceans — it'll give you chills.

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Denise Kok

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