Why Singapore Airlines’ new in-flight safety video is worth your attention

Why Singapore Airlines’ new in-flight safety video is worth your attention

We have lift-off

Text: Amelia Chia

Buckle up, put your bags under the chair in front of you, and watch closely as we take you on a tour of beautiful Singapore

Let's just say it's about time. While some of us might have taken to the nice gentleman ending off Singapore Airlines' current in-flight safety video with a soothing "Have a pleasant flight", change is good. And change is essential, especially if it means we're sitting up and paying attention before taking off.

Featuring Peranakan beaded slippers, graffiti art, and some of our favourite sights around our island-state, the six-minute video is informative, intriguing, and tasteful all at once. It takes viewers to the likes of Boat Quay, The Intan Peranakan Home Museum, River Safari, Haji Lane, and Gardens by the Bay, amongst others. The safety instructions are demonstrated with an inventive spin, such as the "brace position" being shown at Henderson Waves, and donning the life jacket at Adventure Cove Waterpark.

Singapore Airlines isn't the first to roll out inspiring masterpieces when it comes to safety videos. You might have seen Air New Zealand's epic Hobbit-themed video, or British Airways' comedic video starring Rowan Atkinson, Gordon Ramsay, and Sir Ian Mackellen. While Singapore Airlines' idea isn't entirely original (Qantas' in-flight safety video employs a similar concept with Australia's landmarks), it's refreshing to see our national carrier take creative steps to cater to a fast-changing, digitally-savvy generation.

"Our new safety video provides a more captivating way of effectively presenting safety information to our customers as compared to the more conventional approach that we have taken up to now. At the same time, it proudly showcases many familiar spots in our home base of Singapore to a global audience," said Mr. Campbell Wilson, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Singapore Airlines.

The safety video is a result of a bilateral agreement signed between Singapore Airlines and Singapore Tourism Board in June this year, aimed at jointly promoting inbound travel to and through Singapore. It will be screened on all Singapore Airlines' flights from the end of the year — we can't wait to catch it onboard.