Shanghai's best bars: Kartel, Logan's Punch, Speak Low and more

Shanghai's best bars: Kartel, Logan's Punch, Speak Low and more

Till the sun comes up

Text: Corinne Cheah

The biggest city in China and a global financial hub, Shanghai is an international metropolis that evokes centuries of history, glamour — and glitzy nightlife. A city that never sleeps, the hustle and bustle of Shanghai extends well beyond daytime activities and metropolis occurrences. Whether bar hopping is on your itinerary or grooving to the beats on the dancefloor, we round up five of Shanghai's best nightspots.


A casual French bar and lounge, Kartel is well-known among both locals and foreigners alike for its rooftop terrace, which offers a dazzling view of the neighbourhood. Fancy a glass of wine? Kartel focuses on the red and whites; although there is a substantial menu of French food. Sit back and relax as you bask in the good company of the occasional live DJ set. Kartel

Xiangyang North Road, Tel: +85 21 5404 2899
Opening hours: (Mon-Sun) 6pm-late


The place to be if you'd like a chance to rub shoulders with celebrities, Judy's serves up a selection of spirits that promises to surprise the tastebuds with inquisitive mixology and striking colours. Not only are they the longest running party scene in Shanghai, they are also known for cooking up home-style German food and having an in-house live band, Wala Wala that provides softer background music. Judy's

331 Tongren Road, Tel: +85 21 6289 3715
Opening hours: (Fri) 11am-late, (Sat) 7pm-late

Logan's Punch 

Here at Logan's Punch, it's all about communal sharing at Shanghai's only punch bar. We are talking about large sharing punch bowls that are filled with craft cocktails. Embellished with rustic and woody décor, it's all about exuding a retro and relaxed vibe — in contrast to the city's bustling and modern architecture. More than just vintage decor, antique telephones are available for making calls to the bartender. 

Logan's Punch

99 Taixing Road, Tel: +85 21 6248 5928
Opening hours: (Mon-Sun) 6pm-late


Arguably with the most impressive views to the city that is second to none, Flair gains the title of the highest rooftop bar in China — being perched on top of The Ritz Carlton, Shanghai. Aside from an extensive drinks menu that features over 40 kinds of vodka and rum tipples, Flair brings authentic Asian cuisines from neighbouring countries with the likes of sushi platters, Singaporean spicy crabs' claws and Thai fried rice. We're guessing here's where most foreigners flock to.


8 Century Ave, Tel: +85 21 2020 1717
Opening hours: (Mon-Sun) 5.30pm-2am

Speak Low 

The most secretive bar of the bunch, Speak Low came in at #3 at Asia's 50 Best Bars 2018 and #1 in China. And if that doesn't spell impressiveness, the speakeasy brings about subtlety and elusiveness, being tucked away behind a secret door in a bartenders' tool shop called OCHO. Find the bookshelf with mixology books, and you enter an entirely different world — a four-floor Japanese style establishment; each with its own concept and different drinking experience. Try the Banana Fostered that is made of banana-infused Bacardi, chocolate bitters, cinnamon, cherry and vanilla flambé. Speak Low

579 Fuxing Zhong Road, Tel: +85 21 6416 0133
Opening hours: (Mon-Sun) 7pm-2am