Samsonite's \"Born to Go\" luggage collection is decked with smart features for frequent travelers

Samsonite's "Born to Go" luggage collection is decked with smart features for frequent travelers

Days of the future

Text: Evan Mua

With Singapore's world-class airport and aviation system, we have cultivated an extensive interconnectedness with the rest of the world, finding ourselves on a plane every so often. One week, it's our favourite idyllic resort paradise; the next, it's immersing ourselves in the adrenaline of a bustling city. But it's also because we love revelling in the prospect of adventure so much, that the precursor often finds a way to frustrate us infinitely the less said about packing and baggage check-in the better.

We've found the remedy for all like-minded adventurers in the form of Samsonite's new "Born to Go" collection, which introduces a myriad of functional and tech-enabled trademarks that would be perfect for the archetypal city nomad. All that's left to do now is choose...


Loaded with an abundance of tech features, this is the luggage of the future. The most useful one is indubitably the built-in weighing system that will make checking in a breeze. Especially with that uncertainty of an overweight bag. Besides that, there's also a fleet of security features such as the fingerprint-enabled TSA combination lock, anti-theft zippers and Bluetooth tracker. Did we mention the built-in USB port? Say goodbye to dead phones after a long haul flight.


If the EVOA Tech was built like a Tesla, the Tri-Tech is built like a tank. Meaning less bells and whistles, and more sturdy and reliable, with its ultra-protective aluminium frame that grants additional protection and an Aero-Trac suspension wheel which absorbs shock. It's also glazed with a brushed surface to obscure scratches ensuring your luggage and valuables will be left unscathed, no matter how rough the luggage handlers get. Given past experiences, that's a godsend.


The Polygon is perhaps the least feature-packed of the three, opting for the route of simple and highly functional. Its hero trait lies in a handy brake system to keep the wheels steadily locked into position — so sturdy that you can even use it as a makeshift stool. Its FLAT-MAX structure also allows maximisation of storage space. All this functionality is brilliantly contained inside a sleek brushed polycarbonate shell exterior.

The "Born to Go" collection is now available on the Samsonite website.