This Fendi x Rimowa luggage is on our travel wishlist this season

This Fendi x Rimowa luggage is on our travel wishlist this season

F marks the spot

Text: Janice Sim

How high can you fly?

Imagine the luxury of travel all strapped and suited up — yes, we're talking about Fendi's brilliant collaboration with Rimowa. Their partnership is the first time a luxury house from the LVMH group has paired up with the leading luggage brand. 

The result is a one-of-a-kind modern suitcase, made entirely of aluminium (as with every other Rimowa luggage) and decked out with multi-wheels. Design-wise, the emblematic double F logo takes on the form of a subtle, reflective motif plastered over the main body, as well as over its yellow web belt, both inside and outside the suitcase. What else is neat? Its black Cuoio Romano leather handles that contrast beautifully against the sturdy silverware. A cabin-sized edition of the suitcase is also available.

Want to stake your claim on it? You can personalise your very own stickers and name tags in Cuoio Romano leather — a handy gesture, especially to fend off clueless travellers who can't seem to differentiate their suitcases from yours.   

As far as a marriage goes, this particular one sees a seamless match of two brands coming together. You get the signature hardware of Rimowa and the fancy, classic touches of Fendi. Win-win. You'll be a vision of envy at airports all over the world with this gleaming beauty. 

Available online and in selected Fendi and Rimowa boutiques from December 2017.