The Rimowa F13 touches down in Singapore

The Rimowa F13 touches down in Singapore

Winged metal

Text: Jessica Zheng

If you ever wondered what the world's first all-metal passenger aircraft looked like, here's your chance to study the masterpiece

The German luxury luggage brand Rimowa is known for its premium metal suitcases sporting a grooved design. The inspiration for this iconic look? The legendary Junkers F13, the first all-metal transport aircraft made in 1919.


In celebration of its history and heritage, Rimowa has teamed up with Swiss airline company JU-Air to build a replica of the classic Junkers F13. There are only five original Junkers F13 planes in existence today — all of which are sitting in museums and no longer airworthy. However, Rimowa's currently working on creating a replica of the Junkers F13, but this time around, calling it the Rimowa F13. This September, the Rimowa F13 is set to take to the skies in its maiden flight. Although the flight will take place in Switzerland, you can experience the Rimowa F13 journey and witness the majestic 20-feet by 11-feet model replica of the Rimowa F13 right here at the Mandarin Gallery from 15 to 31 July 2016.  

RIMOWA F13 Junkers replica aircraft

There will also be an exhibition held at Rimowa's Mandarin Gallery boutique. Expect to find an experiential in-store showroom of the brand's rich heritage and history. Furthermore, you will also get to see several authentic and vintage pieces of Rimowa suitcases, some of which date back to the 1950s. It isn't all about the past. Rimowa is engaging local illustrator Candice Phang to create six exclusive designs of its Topas Cabin Multiwheel bag to commemorate the occasion. 


15 July to 28 August 2016. #01-11 Mandarin Gallery. 333A Orchard Road. Tel: 6735 2051