Places to visit in Chongqing

Places to visit in Chongqing


Text: Concierge team at Regent Chongqing

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Food Street

Marked with a stone tablet inscribed with "重庆好吃街", the Food Street is located in central Jiefangbei and is full of delicious treats. Local street food is usually spicy. Be sure to try the sour and spicy noodles and cold noodles. If the spice level gets to you, try the famous old tangyuan of the mountain city or rice puddings to cool you down. 



Located in the riverside area of Jiefangbei and near the junction of Yangtze and Jialing Rivers, Hongyadong is built in a traditional architectural style known as "Diaojiaolou", or hillside houses on stilts. It is a major tourist site with old streets, delicious food and restaurants. It's here where you can catch traditional Bayu cultural performances. It's a great place to enjoy night views as well. 



Ciqikou was first built in the Song dynasty and located beside the Jialing River. It was once upon a time a busy port filled with merchants and peddlers, hence acquiring the name of "Little Chongqing". These days, Ciqikou is the only ancient town in Chongqing and attracts crowds of visitors daily.


Dazu Rock Carvings

The Dazu Rock Carvings, sited 167km from downtown Chongqing, were built during the transitional period of the Tang and Song Dynasty, in a form known as "Moya Carving". What this means is that the carvings are crafted directly on natural cliffs. The rock carvings have been well preserved and showcase characters from religious stories and society in those days. History buffs should hire a guide to learn more about the stories depicted on the rocks.