Picturesque hiking trails to tick off your bucket list


Text: Janice Sim

Unparalleled views that are worth the climb

Fancy a little wander with nature? Unlike your run-of-the-mill cardio workout, this one comes with endless perks. Read: pristine glaciers, breathtaking landscapes, and countless Instagram-worthy pictures to bank up in your camera roll. But more importantly, hiking brings out that exhilarating feeling of uncertainty — the beauty of not knowing what you might find along the way. While it is never an easy feat to reach the summit, surviving an arduous journey seems like a small price to pay to have the world at your feet. So pack your bags and lace up your trusty boots, as we've got a list of picturesque hiking trails for you to conquer. From scaling mountains in Nepal to drinking in the beauty of Iceland, it's about time for an adventure of a lifetime. 

Keen to get started? Find out more below:

1. Everest Base Camp, Nepal
2. Engelberg, Switzerland
3. Mount Dickerman, United States 
4. Machu Picchu Citadel, Peru
5. Dolomites, Italy
6. Landmannalaugar, Iceland
7. Aoraki/Mount Cook, New Zealand
8. Munzur Valley National Park, Turkey
9. Grossglockner, Austria
10. Old Man of Storr, Scotland


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