OPPO 5G Hotel: The world’s first 5G travelling smart hotel in Australia is a dream for tech lovers

OPPO 5G Hotel: The world’s first 5G travelling smart hotel in Australia is a dream for tech lovers

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Text: Amelia Chia

From airstream inns to Taco Bell hotel pop-ups, we're spoilt for choice when it comes to unique accommodation options around the world. These innovative boltholes offer an experience unlike the five-star resorts we've become accustomed to, and are out to challenge travel norms.

Here's another to add to the list: the world's first 5G travelling hotel, designed by OPPO out of a 40ft shipping container. If you're a wandering spirit who loves how life's technological advances have made the world a better place (hello, Roborock and Google Nest Hub), perhaps OPPO 5G Hotel is right up your alley. The hotel is touring different 5G locations in Australia over the next few months, starting in Gold Coast's very own Home of the Arts (HOTA).

The Reno 5G

Powered off OPPO's Reno smartphone and the 5G network, with the latest in technology, the nifty luxury hotel sets to impress with its features. First up, the Smart Mirror — all you have to do is connect your smart device, and you'll be browsing the news, watching movies, and getting updates on stocks from the reflective surface. Kind of like the Magic Mirror from Snow White, made for the 21st century?

The OPPO 5G Hotel's 5G device connects to a Google Home Hub, so if you're used to hands-free living and yelling out instructions to "Hey Google!", you won't miss any of it here. Its augmented reality (AR) apps also ensure you get an interactive introduction to the Reno 5G and an AR wardrobe, which allows for previewing various outfits in a virtual AR runway.

Smart Mirror in the bathroom

There's no love lost for gamers, either. Through the hotel's 5G Gaming Suite, you can game locally on the PC, or leverage the 5G smartphone to access games from anywhere. What's left for the rest of us? A buffer-free entertainment system where you can download, stream, and watch entire seasons of Queer Eye or Marie Kondo on the hotel's widescreen television. After all, that's what real holidays are made of.

The OPPO 5G Hotel is available to book from 1 to 30 August 2019 at HOTA for AUD$150 a night, with all proceeds from bookings being donated to local charities.

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